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Fz movies is a website that offers free quality HD movie for downloads. This website is really an amazing video download website. the content, site layout, and navigation are pretty cool also. You will surely find old and Latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies you want to download.

Fz movies

Pros & Cons Of Fz Movies

  • The website is constantly updated with cool Hollywood and Bollywood movies.
  • Fz movies movie’s file size is pretty amazing, 300mb movies in HD quality. cool right?
  • Subtitles are available for each movie, Also, you can also search and download.
  • The only cons are the constant page pop-ups ads.

How To Download Hollywood Movies on Fz Movies

Link: www.fzmovies.net

Hollywood movies are probably the most watch and download movies online. Fz movies have tons of Hollywood movies for free downloads. In fact, Fzmovies is the mother of Hollywood movies websites. It easy to download Hollywood movies, you can either use the search box or follow the different sub-categories under Hollywood movies shown in the screenshot below.

fz movies Hollywood

How To Download Bollywood Movies on Fz Movies

Link: www.fzmovies.net

Bollywood movies are quite interesting too, Bollywood movies are my favorites. once a movie trailer is released, I am always confident that fzmovies.net has got me covered. To download, use the search box if you know the movie name. Also, you can follow the amazing links under the Bollywood movies tab shown in the screenshot below. FZ movies arrangement is cool, right?

fz movies Bollywood

Understanding Movies Formats on Fz movies (Quality Types)

Before downloading mp4 movies on fz movies, you should know the quality of the movie you are about to download. Also the reason behind these qualities.

1. CamRip

CamRip is a duplicate copy made with a mobile phone or camcorder at the cinema. The audio and quality are not quite pleasant, it all depends on the megapixel of the camera used in the recording. Furthermore, CamRip has different background noise picked from the cinema. Moreso, most time the video may shake and lots more. Its the first version you will find on Fz movies.

2. CamRipv2

This version is better than the one mentioned above.

3. TS

Telesync (TS) is a perfect recording of a movie in an empty theater, the use of a tripod is employed for a good recording. Which makes it better than CamRip. The audio and movie quality is far better than CamRip.

4. TSv2

It is an improved version of the above quality.

5. PDVDRip

PDVDRip is a Low-quality format, but the quality is still quite good if that’s. the only formats you find.

6. TC

Telecine is a copy recorded from a film print using a technology that converts the movie from analog to digital formats. The quality is not too bad, but still, it’s not the best quality.


These are movies whose quality is second to DVDrip.

8. DVDRip

This is the final retail version of a movie. Also, it’s the first HD quality to be released. In the absence of HDRip, DVDRip has good quality.

9. HDRip

HDRip is an encoded version of any HD source, like BRRip, BDRip or HDTV, right into a smaller file size.

10. HDTV

The quality surpasses DVDRip. It’s an amazing quality.

11. WEBRip

WEBRip is ripped from a streaming website, such as Vudu, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer, Crunchyroll, Discovery GO, etc. Since WEBRip is not re-encoded, the quality is cool.

12. BRRip

BRRip is similar to DVDRip and has a good quality, its second to the final format.

13. BluRay

BluRay is the best Quality. It is the king of all movies format on Fz movies, Which means no other formats are released after BluRay.

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