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Facebook dating on desktop

Currently, Facebook Dating is taking over the online dating market. But you may be wondering how to access this platform on your desktop. However, you should know that you are not alone if you are looking for it. With this, you will get a complete guide on how to access Facebook dating on your desktop.

In addition, Facebook has added many features regularly over the years, and they are all free. Meanwhile, this article will provide some details about the Facebook dating app, which will help you understand it better.

What You Need to Know About Facebook Dating on Desktop

First, it is important that you know a few details about the Facebook Dating app, as it will be very helpful. Due to the fact that Facebook’s dating feature does not exist as a separate application, it is integrated into the Facebook app.

This means that when you download the Facebook app, you also get the Facebook dating app. To start using dating on Facebook, you must first download the Facebook application. Yes, to have access to Facebook’s dating feature on your account, you need to download the platform app.

Once this is established, you will be able to find and access Facebook dating if you are eligible. Also, one of the requirements you need is that you need to be in Facebook dating countries.

In the meantime, you should be at least eighteen before you can access this feature. Finally, after fulfilling these requirements, you can access Facebook dating and enjoy its amazing features.

How to Use Facebook Dating?

Dating on Facebook helps you get connected and communicate with people who have similar interests, are in the same group as you, and are engaged in the same activities as you. Also, unlike other dating services, Facebook Dating is completely free, and they don’t have any update features like different plans.

Facebook’s dating feature is only for mobile phones like Android and iOS and cannot be used in a web browser. Using this tool is easy and can be done in simple steps.

First of all, install the Facebook app on your phone and then register an account. After setting up your account, you are ready to publish your profile and start looking for a match. The top of the page shows several options, such as your profile, who you like, and your matches.

At the center of the page is a photo of your potential match. You can either press the heart button or refuse it by pressing the “X”. If you want to have more information about the specifically offered matches, you can click on the photo and all the detailed information will be visible to you. Like in other dating apps, you can swipe right and left to express your desire for dating.

How to Use Facebook Dating on Desktop?

Method 1. Facebook Dating Website

To use the dating site Facebook, first, connect to the Internet and view the page register and fill out the form correctly and carefully. Verify your account by email or SMS. Once the registration process is complete, you can start using its feature and look for a match.

The Facebook dating web version is not currently available. Therefore, it can open but can have many limitations.

Method 2. Control Your Phone Screen on PC with AirDroid Cast

How to activate Facebook dating on PC? One of the most interesting and easy ways to use Facebook dating on a Desktop is to use AirDroid Cast. AirDroid Cast is a very smart app that can make your life much less challenging.

The tool allows you to share the screen of the phone on a PC. Not only can you share the screen, but it has many different features that can be useful.

Some of the most important features and advantages of AirDroid Cast are that it allows you to remotely control the phone screen from a computer.

So, you can simply share it, put your phone away, and enjoy Facebook dating on your desktop. In addition, using AirDroid Cast, you will be able to use the application to the fullest, just like on your phone, and not miss any features.

Here are some steps on how to set up AirDroid Cast.

 Step 1. Download AirDroid Cast on both of your devices Click the “Try it now” button below or go to the official AirDroid Cast website to download this app to your mobile phone and computer. 

Step 2. Connect your phone to a PCConnect android/iPhone to your PC by selecting one of the following methods:

How do I create a Facebook account?

A Facebook account is very easy to create, and it can be done by following simple instructions. It is also important to note that you can also create a Facebook account using AirDroid Cast by accessing Facebook. This process is completely the same as on a mobile phone.

Create a Facebook account on PC/Mac

  1. In order to create a Facebook account on a PC or Mac, you will have to go to the official website of and start filling out the registration form, which will be displayed on the home page.
  2. If the website requests that you accept the cookies, click where it says, “Create an account.”
  3. After clicking on “Create a new account”, the registration window appears with the fields to be filled in. The information to be provided includes first name, last name, email address, and phone number.
  4. In addition, you will have to provide passwords made of at least six characters, which include punctuation marks, numbers, and letters.
  5. The next step is to indicate the date of birth and gender. Once you have filled in all the blanks, click “Register”.
  6. The final step in creating a Facebook account is to check the registration. A security code will be sent either to your mobile phone or via email that needs to be verified, and that’s right, your Facebook account will be created on your PC/MAC.

Creating a Facebook account on Android/iOS

  1. To create a Facebook account on your phone, you will first have to download the Facebook app from the app store.
  2. In the app stores, you can find two versions of Facebook, and these are the usual Facebook and Facebook Lite. It’s always better to download the regular Facebook app, especially if you plan to use Facebook’s dating feature. However, Facebook Lite also provides important features, takes up less memory, and runs on slow internet.
  3. After installing the Facebook app, click on “Create a new Facebook account” and fill in the information about yourself. Facebook will ask for permission to access the phone’s features, including contacts.
  4. Once you’re done providing details about yourself, verify your new account by receiving the code via email or SMS.
  5. That is, your Facebook page is ready, and you can upload your photos, add friends, and share content with them.

How do I log in/out of my Facebook account?

Once you have shared your phone screen on your computer via AirDroid Cast, logging in and out of your Facebook account and facebook dating can be done simply and similarly to how it is done on your phone.

Once you go to the Facebook website or mobile app, the login page is displayed right away. There you can log in by entering your email address, phone number, or username. Enter your password in the second box.

To log out of your Facebook account, you have to click on the small arrow icon in the top right corner of Facebook. The options will scroll down, select Exit, and it’s that simple. If you are logged in with AirDroid Cast and want to log out, go to the upper right corner where the three lines are displayed. Click on them, scroll all the way down, and click “exit”.

Facebook Dating On Desktop
Facebook Dating On Desktop

Tips for using Facebook dating on desktop

  1. The first and foremost tip for using Facebook dating on PC is to choose the most viable tool.
  2. You can choose between using a Facebook dating website, Scree-Mirroring apps, or an emulator.
  3. One of the safest and easiest ways to use Facebook dating on the desktop is through AirDroid Cast.
  4. Use the AirDroid Cast USB sharing method to make the experience the most convenient and avoid delays.

Facebook dating reviews

Let’s discuss a few characteristics of Facebook dating first.

There are several requirements that you will have to fulfill in order to access the Facebook dating feature. One of them is that the tool is not available in every country and can only be used in certain countries.

Therefore, if you do not fall into this geographical requirement, then you will not be able to use it. In addition, you must be at least 18 years old.

Facebook’s dating feature is completely free to use and has no hidden fees. People who are not technology savvy can easily use and navigate this app. It is integrated with Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook. It shows detailed information about a potential match.

The “Liked” button shows people who liked your profile. You can either like them back or brush it off. In the case of “sympathy”, the person goes to the match section.

When both matches appeal to each other, the match will appear on top of the magician. By clicking on the photo, you can start a conversation with the person who will appear in the bottom half of the Facebook dating page.

Facebook dating on Desktop Faqs

Why Can’t I See Facebook Dating on My Computer?

If you’re having difficulty finding the Facebook dating option anywhere on your screen (My Computer), it could be due to either of two reasons I’ll mention soon.

First, it may be due to the fact that Facebook’s dating feature is not available in your country. Or secondly, it may be that you are not over 18 years old.

Why Is Facebook Dating Not Showing Up?  

One of the main reasons that Facebook’s dating app isn’t showing up might be that you’re still using an outdated app. Just update your Facebook app to the latest version as it may help solve the problem.

For more information about dating on Facebook on your desktop, just click here. Or, as I said earlier, the Facebook dating feature may not be available in your country.

Is There a Dating App for Windows?

One of the dating apps that are designed for Windows is In addition, Tinder for PC was launched in 2017 and a web version of it is available.

Is Facebook Dating Available on PC?

Facebook Dating is only available on a PC (desktop) if you have the Facebook app on your PC. That’s because Facebook’s dating feature is pinned to your regular Facebook app if it’s available in your country.

There is no standalone app or platform built for this great feature called Facebook dating. The dating platform helps connect or match people based on their interests, preferences, and activities on Facebook.

 is Facebook dating free?

Facebook Dating is one of the only totally free dating apps with no paid features or premium upgrades. I know it appears like there must be a catch, but there isn’t. Facebook users do not have to pay anything to view profiles, create matches, send messages, or utilize the app’s dating features.


Today, there are many different dating sites and applications. However, it is important to know which one to trust. One of the best dating apps is Facebook Dating. If you want to use Facebook dating on a Desktop, AirDroid Cast is here to help. It makes it possible to see clear, large images and manage your Facebook acquaintances remotely.

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