How to Activate Facebook Dark Mode Android, iPhone

This guide contains detailed information on how to activate Facebook Dark Mode on an Android or iOS device.

On May 26, Facebook users complained that Dark Mode was inaccessible on the social network’s mobile app for a short period of time. On May 27, a corporate spokeswoman informed us that the problem with Android devices had been resolved.

“We have restored service for individuals who suffered a technical issue that caused some people to have trouble accessing certain features on Facebook’s Android app.” However, some iPhone users are still reporting that the option is missing in various versions of the iOS Facebook app.

Our long, bright-white nightmare has come to an end: you can now learn how to utilize Facebook Dark Mode Android, iPhone, and desktop.

For years, users have been asking for a Facebook Dark Mode option. Facebook Dark Mode replaces the mobile app’s and website’s bright, white interface with a black background. Some individuals find it simpler to read and feel; it reduces eye strain. In addition, Dark Mode uses less battery power.

After testing the look with beta users in 2020, the social media giant made Dark Mode available to everyone. In early May, several Android users reported that Facebook Dark Mode was deactivated on their devices.

Here’s how to activate Facebook Dark Mode on Android, step by step.

How can I activate Facebook dark mode Android?

  1. You must have the most recent version of Facebook installed on your mobile device. To confirm this, go to the Play Store and make sure there is no update available.
  2. Launch the app on your phone and select the “hamburger” menu option in the upper right corner.
  3. Then, scroll down until you reach Settings & Privacy. Dark Mode may be found there.
  4. You may now turn Dark Mode on and off, as well as access system settings. The latter pertains to what I said before about the system–wide dark mode feature.
  5. That’s all! You have now activated Facebook Dark Mode on the Android app.

On certain Android devices, there is also the option to “Use system settings,” which means that the app adapts its look depending on the device’s system settings.

Turn on Facebook Dark Mode in Mac and Windows browsers.

To turn on Dark Mode in a Windows or MacOS browser, do the following:

  1. In the upper-right corner of Facebook, click the downward-facing arrow.
  2. Find Dark Mode in the settings, then move the slider to the right to enable it. Your Facebook pages will now have a black background instead of a white one.

When you switch from light to dark mode on Facebook (while in a browser), the settings change all at once. The dark UI will be instantly applied to all pages, including Messenger.

On Android and iOS, enable Facebook Dark Mode.

As previously stated, the Dark Mode function has been included in the Messenger apps for iOS and Android for quite some time. Dark Mode is now available for iOS and Android devices, according to Facebook. As previously stated, the global dark mode option on Android 10 or above (or iOS 13 and above) has no effect on Facebook, at least not for now.

That’s all there is to how to activate Facebook Dark Mode on Android; we look forward to your comments and contributions.

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Olajide Towoju

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