Edit Your Photos With Picasa In Three Simple Steps.

As a photographer, you might want to edit your photos, but if you don’t have any editing skills whatsoever you might not have the time to learn advanced editing software like Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.

If that is the case, you should learn how to use Picasa to edit your photos. The software is easy to use, and the installation is very straightforward. Images or photographs you snap might not be good enough. You might be a professional photographer but you still, have an issue with your photographs.

Picasa is the editing software I will recommend for you to edit your photos. You can Crop, Remove Red eyes, Sharpen, Brighten, etc. The software has a magic touch, all you need to do is, learn how to use them.

How To Install Picasa

  • First, download Picasa setup by searching Google.
  • Double-click the downloaded setup.
  • Click I Agree
  • Now click Install, Installation progress will be display.
  • Click Finish
  • The application will launch automatically. Because all the check boxes are marked. At this stage, click finish to choose Picasa as the default image viewer.

Picasa is ready to scan pictures on your computer. Click continue.

  • All the images on your system will be scanned and imported to Picasa at the same time.
  • The very best and easy way to import your photos is,
  • Double-click on the image to preview it since Picasa is your default image viewer.
  • Right-click and then click edit in Picasa.
  • This will take you to the editing page instead of the library page.

The editing page has 3 tabs in Picasa version 3, it has more than three in some other versions.

1. Basic fixes:

Basic fixes allow you to crop, remove red-eye from pictures,
Also, you can add auto color and contrast to your picture, and add more light to dark images.
Moreso you can also add text to your picture in this basic fixes tab.

2. Tuning:

This tab consists of four amazing tools, Use this tool correctly and your picture will always look nice.

The tools are

  • i. Fill light: To add more light to the image
  • ii. Highlight: This tool can be used to brighten or darken the lighter area of your photos.
  • iii. Shadow: This tool is used to darken the shadow area of your images.
  • iv. Color Temperature: This is used to balance the color temperature of your image.

3. Effects.

This tab has amazing features and tools. Click on any of the effects to apply them. Depending on the effects you like, in this tab, you can turn your images black and white. The software has great tools you can use to edit your photos. Play around with this software and familiarize yourself with the interface. Once you are done editing your image/images, Click Back to the library at the top left corner of the application
Highlight the image/images you edited.

After you have highlighted your image or images, click “export” at the bottom corner of the application.

You can now select the Export Location, Add Watermark, Export as Original, or Reduced Size options. Click Ok, The image will open automatically after the export finishes.

I will also post an article to teach you how to create slideshows with Picasa and also how you can collage your picture with Picasa. Until then, Explore the application and practice this article I posted.

Olajide Towoju
Olajide Towoju

Towoju Olajide is a technology writer who covers topics ranging from consumer tech to the latest developments in artificial intelligence. Born and raised in Nigeria, Towoju developed an early fascination with technology that led him to pursue a degree in Computer Science. After completing his studies, he worked as a software developer for several years before transitioning into tech journalism.

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