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[Exclusive] How To Get Discovery Plus on DirecTV

In the following post, we will describe how to watch Discovery Plus on DirecTV.

A slew of new streaming services has entered the market as more people cancel their cable connections. Discovery Plus is one of the numerous new participants in the streaming service game.

Discovery Plus, like Netflix, is an independent streaming platform. On the other hand, DirecTV is a satellite television platform that allows users to view a large number of channels.

Discovery Plus streaming is currently unavailable on satellite television streaming platforms such as DirecTV. So, even if you have DirecTV, you won’t be able to watch Discovery Plus.

Discovery Plus

Many channels pertaining to animals, food, baking, geographical environment, and so on have been introduced by Discovery Plus. TLC, Discovery Plus, Travel Channel, DIY Network, Science Channel, and more channels are available.

Discovery Plus is an app that shows various natural, scientific, and historical events. The Discovery Plus app went live on June 4th, 2021.

You may also create your own stream and view it online. Everyone, from adults to children, may watch the Discovery channel. It is quite informative and appropriate for younger children. The Discovery Channel is well-known for providing national geographic information on animals. You may purchase the app according to the bundle.

Pricing for the Discovery Plus

Discovery+, like Netflix, is a subscription-based app. It provides many packages with varying characteristics. There are currently two subscriptions from which users may pick.

Discovery Plus costs $4.99 a month with advertisements in the United States. Users must watch advertisements in order to access the content in these subscription plans.

Users paid $6.99 per month for the second subscription. The advertising is the difference between 4.99$ and 6.99$. Pay extra money to avoid the vexing advertisements.

Users get 7 days to try the app service for free. There is no obligation to pay if they are satisfied.

Important Note: The Discovery Channel has pledged to create app-exclusive content in the future, similar to Netflix. The content is not available on TV channels.

How to Watch Discovery Plus Channels on DirecTV Successfully

We previously said that you couldn’t watch Discovery Plus on DirecTV. Because Discovery Plus and DirecTV have not collaborated, you may still watch Discovery Channel on this satellite television platform. Remember how we stated before that DirecTV provides a comprehensive channel lineup? Many Discovery channels are also available on DirecTV.

Because Discovery Plus is not unavailable on DirecTV, you can still watch the Discovery Channel networks with your subscription.

As long as you have a subscription to Entertainment, Premier, Choice, or Ultimate, you may watch numerous Discovery Channel networks.

People may continue to watch Discovery Channel networks on these platforms since no statements have been made indicating that they would be removed from cable and satellite systems.

This gives viewers some time to decide whether or not to continue watching. As a result, you may continue to access the Discovery Channel networks until further notice. Take advantage of it while you can, since no one knows how long it will stay.

There are other additional ways to receive Discovery Plus on your TV. We’ll get to it in a minute.

The devices on which you may watch Discovery Plus

As previously stated, you cannot watch Discovery Plus programming on your television with DirecTV. Discovery Plus did not work with DirecTV to deliver the streaming platform to its users.

If you want to watch Discovery Plus content, you’ll have to go elsewhere. Fortunately, Discovery Plus allows you to log in to many devices and platforms and watch their programming from any one of them.

There are a few devices that are compatible with the Discovery Plus app that can be used to view Discovery Network content. The app is available for the following devices:

  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV from Amazon
  • Roku
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod nano
  • Smartphones and tablets based on Android
  • Chromecast and Google Play
  • Xbox 360 by Microsoft (One, Series X, and series S)
  • Smart televisions (2017 and onwards models of Samsung TV)
  • Google Chromecast and Chromecast-enabled devices

Those who wish to watch Discovery Plus on their smart televisions must first download the app. After successfully installing the app, you may log in and go on an adventure into the realm of entertainment.

You may also watch the programming on other televisions by using Chromecast, Roku, or Fire TV. These are essentially older types of televisions.

Another option is to cast content from your Android or iOS mobile to your television. This is also an easy method to get to the Discovery Plus content on your television.

Finally, if you have a computer or a console, you may still stream shows to your television. This is because all you have to do is connect to the computer or console and start streaming Discovery Network shows.

Discovery Plus on Directv Frequently Asked Questions

is Discovery Plus on DirecTV?

We’ll start by noting that Discovery Plus is now a standalone streaming service. It functions similarly to other streaming services that we are familiar with, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

It’s natural to assume that Discovery Plus would be available on DirecTV, which is a satellite television service that provides users with access to a wide range of channels. Regrettably, this is not the case.

Currently, Discovery Plus streaming is not accessible on satellite streaming platforms such as DirecTV.

As a result, even if you have a DirecTV subscription, you will be unable to view Discovery Plus content.

Should you subscribe to Discovery Plus if you have DirecTV?

It is not necessary to subscribe to Discovery Plus.

If you’re more interested in learning, you may purchase the Discovery Plus app.

Almost all Discovery Plus channels are accessible on DirecTV, and if you want to save money, you don’t need to purchase the Discovery Plus app.

Discovery Plus is a platform for all accessible discovery networks such as National Geographic, TLC, Travel Channel, Discovery Plus, and so on.

Before entering any information or buying the goods, carefully read the terms and conditions.

You decide whether or not to purchase the app.

What is the best way to obtain Discovery Plus on DirecTV?

The reality is that many DirecTV customers have been seeking Discovery Plus. While it is not feasible to obtain Discovery Plus on DirecTV, there is a method to watch Discovery Plus shows on your tv.

You must be curious as to how this is feasible. This leads us to the following portion of the article. The juicy information may be found below.

Where can I watch Discovery Plus?

Because they haven’t partnered, you can’t watch Discovery Plus on DirecTV. You may watch Discovery Plus on a different platform, but you must first download the app.

Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, smart TVs, iPod, and more platforms are available. You may also watch it on TV by downloading the app.

You may also use an iOS smartphone to cast it to your television and watch Discovery Plus on television. You may start streaming from the discovery network using your computer or laptop while streaming the Discovery Plus channel on television.

What channel is Discovery Plus on DirecTV?

Here is a list of Discovery Plus channels that may be seen through DirecTV.

  • Channel 278 on DirecTV (HD)
  • Channel 1278 (VOD)

Discovery’s channel number on several other satellite television platforms is,

  • Verizon FiOS Channel 120 (SD) Channel 620 (HD)
  • Dish Network Channel 182 (HD)


People wonder, “Why subscribe to Discovery Plus when the channels are available on DirecTV?” There are two key reasons for this. First, Discovery Channels are likely to be deleted from DirecTV.

Second, the Discovery Channel declared that, in the near future, it would create content for users in the same way that Netflix does.

Discovery and DirecTV are in no way comparable. Both platforms are important and provide different types of services. DirecTV is a satellite television provider, while Discovery+ is a mobile app that concentrates on main and sub-channels.

We can’t suggest subscribing to Discovery+ instead of DirecTV or vice versa. Which platform you subscribe to and which you do not is entirely up to you.

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