How to Delete All Instagram Posts in 3 Simple Steps

How to Delete All Instagram Posts | Delete All Instagram Posts at Once

Instagram is a social media platform that is used by millions of people around the world. It has over 800 million users and is the most popular social media platform among teens and millennials.

Instagram is a place where you can share your thoughts and feelings with others, and it’s also a place where you can connect with people who have similar interests as you. You can share your life moments, your favorite things, or just about anything else that you want to post on Instagram.

The problem with Instagram is that there are some posts that we might not want to keep for good reasons. We might want to delete them because they’re embarrassing, or they’re old, or we don’t like them anymore.

There are many reasons why we might want to delete our posts on Instagram, but sometimes it’s not easy.

What is the reason for deleting Instagram pictures in the first place?

There are a variety of reasons why one might have to remove multiple Instagram images at once. Perhaps you’ve made the decision to become an influencer and only share professional, polished photos on your Instagram account.

Or maybe you’re looking to change things up and delete all of your old posts to make room for something new, or you have a ton of old posts that make you feel embarrassed and you’re convinced that your Instagram game is far superior.

Whatever your reason for wanting to delete a number of photos on Insta simultaneously, this guide will assist you in doing it swiftly.

How to mass delete Instagram posts

It’s not surprising that the Instagram app can’t remove more than one article at a time. Additionally, you can only erase your posts with apps for mobile devices, but not in the web browser.

To remove one single Instagram post, you must follow these steps:

Delete all Instagram posts from your computer.

Instagram is available for both Android and iOS mobile phones. It is possible to use all of the features of an app if you’ve got one.

Be aware that when using the PC version, you must remove the images one at a time. one. You can’t delete them all at once, even when you’re using the desktop.

However, you could use the assistance of Bluestacks, which allows you to integrate Instagram into it and then perform the removal.

For desktops, there is an extension in the web store for Chrome to help you remove images from Instagram at once.

You can erase any Instagram photos or videos with a single click. However, to make this possible, you need to make use of third-party tools.

These apps can help you clean up all your account posts, including photos and videos.

Using Third-Party Apps

1. Mass Delete All Instagram posts using AiGrow

The AiGrow Premium Managed Service gives Instagram users expert advice, manual growth services, as well as advanced features to increase followers, increase engagement, schedule posts, manage DMs, and much more. To delete all Instagram posts has never been this easy and simple!

  • First, create a free AiGrow account and validate your email address.
  • Connect your Instagram account to the dashboard next.

Note: By selecting the “Add Instagram Account” button, you may link as many IG profiles as you like to AiGrow’s dashboard.

  • Select the “Bulk Posts Delete” option.
  • Click the “Select All to Delete” option to delete all Instagram posts at once.
  • You can also remove individual postings by choosing them and clicking the “Delete” button.
  • If you have shared a large number of posts to your Instagram account, you may need to click the “Load More” button to view them all.

It’s just that simple! You can delete all of your Instagram posts or select multiple posts to delete with a few clicks.

2. Auto Clicker for Android

Auto-Clicker is a cost-free Android app that allows you to automate multiple swipes and taps within any application or screen on your Android. This feature, which is free, works great for getting rid of all the photos you have on Instagram. If you try the app, you’ll be amazed by the options it opens up.

  • Start both the Instagram app and the Auto Clicker app.
  • Under Multi Targets Mode, choose “Enable.”
  • This approach allows you to tap many spots with a delay between taps.
  • Select the “Green Plus” option.
  • Go to your uploaded material on Instagram. Tap the green “+” sign to make a tap point, which is a circle with the number “1” inside of it.
  • Configure your parameters.
  • Drag the circle to the first post on your home page’s left side, then click the Settings Cog.
  • Tap the play/pause button.
  • When the next choice comes, tap the “Play” button and then pause it. From here, hit the green + symbol again and repeat the previous steps.
  • Carry out the action with each “Tap.”
  • This is what your screen should look like:
  • If necessary, make changes.
  • Once you’ve configured Auto-Clicker, just press the blue play button and it will start doing the task for you. If it’s slightly off, you can go to the options cog and modify each action, or what we’re calling “tap” since it’s tapping for you.

You may keep the time delay box at 100 milliseconds or, if your phone is a bit slow, modify it to 200 or 300 milliseconds. This prolonged delay allows the program to execute and load information, preventing auto-tapping from overriding it.

Run this saved command for hundreds or thousands of repetitions, automatically and without human intervention.

You may disable the Auto Click app interface on the app’s home screen. Simply launch the program and choose “Disable” from the “Target Mode” menu, exactly as you did when you first activated it.

Auto-Clicker is a versatile program that can be used on a variety of platforms; it isn’t only for speeding up the Instagram process!

3. Using the Instant Cleaner, delete ALL Instagram posts.

The instant cleaner is one of the top applications for the removal of large numbers of Instagram images. By using this tool, users can delete multiple photos with one click.

With this tool, users are able to perform the following actions, such as deleting images in bulk, unliking multiple videos, and photos. Block followers with multiple followers, Unfollow users in large quantities.

To delete all of your Instagram photos with this app,

  • To begin, open the Google Play store and install this program. If you are having difficulty downloading the application from the Google Play store, you may use the APK file (link added).
  • After you’ve finished downloading and installing the app, the user should sign in using their Instagram credentials. After you’ve checked in, go to the “post” option, which will be located in the bottom bar.
  • When you choose the “publish” option, the app will immediately display all of the photographs and videos you’ve shared on Instagram. Now, choose how many photographs you wish to erase.
  • After you’ve completed picking the number of photographs you want to remove, click the delete button, which will delete the photos in bulk or mass as well as the movies you chose in the first place.

That’s all quite simple.

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4. iOS InstaClean

InstaClean cleaner for IG is available for free with no restrictions and can be used on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (requires iOS 10.0 or later). InstaClean is a simple-to-use application that lets you delete multiple posts quickly. Select the posts you want to delete, then click on the pictures you want to erase.

Delete All Instagram Posts the Normal Way

If your account has just a handful of photos in it, the most efficient method of deleting posts is to do it one at a time by using the Instagram application. Start the Instagram application and tap the icon for your profile.

Choose the image you wish to erase, then click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner. Select “Delete” and confirm your selection by tapping the screen. Repeat this process for each post you wish to erase. To look over:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • To expand, choose the selected post.
  • To access the menu, tap the three dots.
  • Choose “Delete” and confirm.

This is the most common method to delete all Instagram posts. Although this technique might work for eliminating a handful of posts, it can be time-consuming for those who wish to erase dozens or all the posts on an account. If you’d like to erase several Instagram posts at the same time, it’s best to switch to a third-party program.

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