Picasa Slideshow: Creating a Slideshow Using Picasa slideshow maker

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Picasa slideshow is an additional tool added to Picasa to easily create image slide. You get to learn how to create a slideshow using Picasa slideshow maker in this guide. 

Creating a Slideshow with Picasa is very easy. Creating a Slideshow on Picasa is easier than all this advanced software. Software like Premiere Pro, Proshow, Photostory Deluxe, Movavi Slideshow Maker is very good for making a slideshow.

Creating a slideshow using Picasa

  • First, you must first import your photos to Picasa.
  • After importing, highlight all the pictures you want as slides.
  • Click create at the top menu of the application
  • From the drop-down menu click movie.
  • A new page will open, where you can create and modify your picture slideshow.

This slideshow page consists of three tabs.

  1. Movie
  2. Slide
  3. Clips.

1. MOVIE: This tab is where you can choose your preferred transition and the duration of the transition. You can add an audio track and also choose the dimension of your slide before creating your slideshow.

2. Slide: This is where you add text to your slide. You can choose to add text or not. You can change the Font, Color, Size of your text. The box provided is where you write your text and you have the option of choosing a template for your text.

3. Clips: In this tab, you can add or remove pictures from your slide. When you click on the get more,  it will take you back to the library. You can now reselect the pictures you want in your slide.

Finally when you are done editing your slide the final step is to click on create a movie in any of the tabs. A  progress page will then be displayed.

When Picasa is done creating your slideshow, another page will be display

At this stage, you can choose to upload to the Internet directly or export the slideshow to your system. If you choose to export to your system, you can always found the exported slide in pictures inside your system. The Drive (C) of your system to be precise.

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