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What is CDBurnerXP? How to use CDBurnerXP

In this tutorial, I explain how to Burn Pictures to CD by using CDBurnerXP. This software is easy to use. CDBurnerXP tutorial teaches how to burn pictures to a DVD windows 10.  Once you learn how to burn pictures to cd with this software. I can assure you, you will get addicted to it. And in our next article, we’ll drop how to burn pictures to a cd on a mac system.

More so, this software as I said earlier, it’s totally free and user-friendly. It’s the best ImgBurn I’ve used so far. Follow the guideline below to learn how to put pictures on a cd all by yourself.

What Type of Disc is Needed To Burn Pictures?

If the front of your CD says “CD-RW”, “Burner” or “Writer”, you should know it can write pictures to cd. Make sure you are using the correct disk. If there is only an “R” at the end it means ‘Write once’ and used to store your photos. If it says RW or RAM at the end it will be a rewritable disk.

Burn Photos To DVD or CD Which is Better?

The size of pictures that can be written is determined by the disc’s recording capacity as well as the logical and physical formats used. The DVD offers more storage capacity than compact discs with the same dimensions. CD offers 750MB while DVD offers 4.7 GB of storage capacity for single-layered, single-sided discs and 8.5 GB for dual-layered, single-sided discs. So in summary, the size of the pictures to be written should determine whether to use a DVD or CD.

How To Burn Pictures To A CD | Step By Steps

Without wasting time start CDBurnerXP download here. After downloading, run the setup.

Launch the application.

  • Image 1: how to burn pictures to dvd
    Image 1: starting cd burner

    Next, Double Click Data disc to burn pictures to DVD or CD

Image 2: how to burn pictures to dvd
Image 2: drag and drop to add pictures
Look at this interface, it’s very easy to understand within a minute. The large box area says: Drag and drop files or use the “Add” button to add files to the compilation.

Note: Before You Burn Pictures Make Sure Your CD or DVD is Inserted.

  • Next, Highlight all your pictures, drag and drop them into the box.
Image 3: CDBurnerXP | how to burn pictures to cd
image 3: pictures added to burn
Just exactly the way I did in the screenshot above.
  • Next click Burn to burn pictures to CD
Image 4: CDBurnerXP | image burning speed
image 4: Click burn disc to start burning

The next interface that opens allows you to choose whether to make changes to the disc in the future or Prevent further changes to the disc before you burn. Simulate the burning process.

It also allows you to verify written data after burning, choose whether or not to eject the disk after you burn pictures to DVD or CD, shutdown the computer. You can also choose the number of copy to you want to write to CD

  • Click burn when you are satisfied with your settings.

One more thing, don’t forget to specify the BURNING SPEED. Determine the speed you want by clicking on the figure from the drop-down menu.

  • Finally, Click  Burn Disc to start burning.

Image 5: burning process
image 5: Burn process started at 16x

That’s all, your pictures will start burning. After the burning process is complete, the cd or DVD will eject automatically.
I am sure this CDBurnerXP tutorial will help you burn pictures to CD all by yourself without having any challenge(s).

You can also burn video Ts to DVD with this software, and so much more.

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