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Carl Bot is a completely customizable modular Discord bot which has huge commands to manage discord servers effortlessly. It has automod, alarms, reaction roles, role templates, embedded objects, starboard reminders, triggers, and many more features.

It allows you to create friendly messages in your community and improves user engagement. This bot helps you to avoid spam containing links and attachments and penalizes anyone who posted it there.

This program was developed to run under the name “Carl Bot” and currently runs around 100,000,000 Discord Servers worldwide, including more than 400,000 servers in several countries.

How to Install Carl Bot

Once you are familiar with Carl Bot, it is very easy to use. Below is the setup procedure for adding the bot to your server.

1. To run the Carl Bot, you will need a server. Either create your own server or use one already in place. You can do what you want.

2. After you’ve selected your server, sign in to the Carl Bot website. The invite button at the top of this page will allow you to invite the bot.

Log in to the Carl Bot site from a landing page

3. After you log in, a popup window will ask for permissions and authorization. The steps are easy to follow, so you won’t have any problems. Permit all.

4. This authorization will take you to the Carl Bot dashboard.

That’s it!

You can create reaction roles, channels, and moderation as you wish. Attached is Carl Bot’s setup document here

Setup a Carl bot with Discord

It is easy to connect or set up the Carlbot with Discord. Carl bot dashboard is used by more than 40,000,000 members on more than 200,000 servers, as I have mentioned. You can join the ranks by creating a Discord account on Carlbot.

To create Carlbot:

  • Next, click Login with Discord.
  • After that, sign in to your Discord account. Click Authorize to give Carlbot permission.
  • Next, select a server to initiate the connection.

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How does the Carl Bot work with Discord?

The Carlbot makes it easy to communicate with anyone, anywhere. Connecting your discord account to Carlbot allows you to control certain activities, which will be discussed below. Here are some things Carlbot can help you do:

Reaction Roles

  • You were given the ability to use 250 roles.
  • You can also get various lodes, such as a unique, verify, and binding.
  • You can access emojis that you won’t find on other bots.

Log everything.

  • This feature can also be used to manage various messages, including delete, edit, and purge.
  • It’s also integrated with Discord invite links.
  • It also allows you to manage member updates like avatar changes, name changes, and roles.

Powerful moderation

  • Modlogs give mods the ability to perform various actions.
  • You can also control any mod commands you wish to use or not.
  • You can also access the section to manage your role in bulk and highlight new members, as well.

You can find other activities that Carl Bot can help you with while using the Discord Carl Bot. Connect your Discord account to Carlbot to learn more about the unwritten activities that you may also be able to join.

Conclusion | Carl bot Dashboard

Carl Bot has some of the most advanced automation features on the market.

Discord, as you probably know, isn’t what I would consider a user-friendly platform. Discord allows you to manage multiple servers, channels, and individual conversations at once.

Carl Bot reduces your online time so you can focus on the important things. Good luck!

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