Can’t Share Post to Story Instagram | 5 Easy Fix

Can’t Share Post to Story Instagram | Why cant i share reels on Instagram story

Instagram is a popular social media platform that has quickly risen in popularity. It is now the second-largest social media site, with over 800 million users. Users are able to upload photos and videos to their profile, follow other users, and post stories that are only visible for 24 hours.

It is possible that you can’t share post to story Instagram if your account is set as private or if you have an Android device.

Luckily, there are a few simple fixes to this problem. This article will go over the reasons behind this issue and provide ways to fix it. in order to share a post to the Instagram story.

Can’t Share Post to Story Instagram | Why?

There are many reasons why you should not add posts to your Instagram story. Let’s learn about the reasons below, and if you are able to, take the necessary steps to share your content according to this article.

1. The option is not available on your account only

There could be a reason you could not share a post on your Instagram story. One of the reasons could be that your Instagram app isn’t upgraded.

To find out if it is the case, you first need to ensure that the issue is happening to your account alone, whereas stories can be easily posted by other Instagram users.

To fix this issue, upgrade your Instagram app through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Another option to resolve this issue is to restart your phone, but if the issue persists, clear the cache or upgrade your Instagram app, and then return to the application, or make use of the VPN.

You can publish any post as a story on Instagram by selecting the PaperPlane icon or share button in the lower right-hand corner of any post, and then selecting the option to “Add the story to your post”.

2. This is due to the privacy settings for the user’s account.

On Instagram, users are completely in control, allowing or disallowing anyone to share their stories as posts. If you don’t find the possibility to “Add Post To Story“, then it means that the user has turned off or denied sharing their posts as stories.

If you’re skeptical about this, I’ll explain. To access your profile, go to the menu and select Settings. Tap “Privacy” and then “Story.” On the Sharing tab, you’ll be able to disable other users to share Stories. This is exactly why one user changed his privacy settings for his post. Even though you’re not allowed to share the post on your story.

3. The “Resharing of stories” is turned off.

If you can’t share an article as your Instagram story, then there may be a chance that your “Resharing with stories” option has been switched off on your Instagram account.

If you’ve disabled your “Resharing on stories” option in your account’s settings, then you may not be able to share posts in your account.

It is easy to turn this feature on in the future by simply going into the settings of your Instagram account settings and then turning it off.

If you do want to share a post with a story, and the resharing feature is off, then it could be the reason why you aren’t having a resharing option even though the post is publicly accessible.

To make this feature available on Instagram, you have to comply with the steps listed below:

  • Launch your Instagram app and then go to the menu for your profile.
  • After that, tap the hamburger icon located in the upper right-hand part of your display.
  • Then the navigation menu will be displayed before you, with a gear button at the bottom. Press that gear button.
  • You will be presented with an options screen, and is an option that reads “Resharing stories”. Select the option.

4. Its Instagram App

So far as I can tell, when you can’t find the “Add Post to Your Story”, it’s because it’s not there. This is a problem with your profile on the back end of Instagram. But, they’re making adjustments to the IG application, and users are confronted with these problems on a daily basis.

What you need to do is report the issue to Instagram in the next one or two weeks. It is likely that you will find a missing option in the Instagram app or in your profile. It is best to be patient, and when you get another update, the issue will be solved automatically.

5. Perhaps the post isn’t public.

If you’re unable to share a post on your Instagram story, then there’s a possibility that the post isn’t accessible to the public or is your account is private.

To determine if a posting is not private, users will need to open the Instagram application and select “three-line.” After pressing that option, choose the settings from the options above. When you click to change the options, users will need to choose “Privacy” as an option. Once you have completed the process, the option to connect will be displayed at the top of the page.

The last thing you need to do is to switch off the private account feature you had previously turned on when you created a personal account. Only individuals whom you’ve chosen can view your post. Once you’ve deactivated the feature, your account will be made public and the person who follows you will be able to view the story you’ve posted on your account.

Can’t Share Post to Story Instagram | 5 Easy Fix

There are five methods to correct the “Add Post to your Story” feature that doesn’t work on your Instagram profile. I will go over the five options. You can test every one of them and then see which one from the list below can solve the issue. In order to restore this absence of the Add Post to Story option in the settings of your IG profile,

1. Make your posts public to Friends

Friends can also post your content to their Instagram stories. However, for this to work, your account has to be publicly accessible as well as have the “Resharing on stories” option enabled within your account. When the Instagram account is private and the feature you want to turn off is off, your friends will not be able to post your posts on their stories.

In order to make the account publicly accessible, you have to follow these steps:

  • First, start the Instagram app on your device.
  • Next, tap to open your account.
  • Tap the upper right-hand corner of the profile.
  • Click “Settings”.
  • Once you’ve done that, click on “Privacy”.
  • Click on the option that reads “Account Privacy” located in “Connections”
  • Click on the toggle button of “Account Privacy”.
  • When you click on that, the account will change to a grey hue. This makes your account public, not private.
  • In the pop-up, make sure to confirm this step. Click on “Change”.

The profile will be changed from private to public.

2. Delete the Instagram app’s cache and data.

to restore the Instagram feature of adding a post to your story that has been missing. Your Android phone’s data and cache must be cleared. Uninstall and then reinstall the software for iPhone users running iOS.

On Android devices, open the Settings app, after which you can go to Apps. Find Instagram and then click to access its options. Tap on the Storage option. There will be two buttons: clear cache or clear data. Press these two buttons, and restart your phone. If you’re in a hurry, then try clearing the cache and data on your phone too. This will repair the add post to your account on IG, which is not there, and restore it.

The reason I am saying this: It’s because it’s for a better and faster user experience. The Instagram application and Android utilize caches. These files aid in reducing the time it takes to load the app as well as its functions. However, even if you update Instagram application, The issue will persist until you delete the storage and cache. This is due to the fact that the IG app still uses the cache data that was previously stored to run the application. That’s why it’s essential to remove the cache as well as its contents.

3. Make sure to update the Instagram application.

There may not be an “add post to story” option in the settings of your Instagram profile if your IG application is not updated. So, you should make sure that your application is updated to the latest version available on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. After that, restart your Instagram app, and if you have the time, restart your phone too. This will fix the issue and bring back the “Add post to story” option on your profile.

4. You can use a different Smartphone

It sounds odd, but it has helped a lot of people. Therefore, I would suggest using the phone of a relative or friend or using a browser on the internet instead. After that, log in with your Instagram account username and password. Click the Share button under a post, and then examine if the Add post to your story option isn’t available on this device or not.

5. Ask Instagram for help

If you find that the “Add to story” option isn’t available within your Instagram account, then you may also contact the Instagram help team to resolve this issue. This Instagram assistance center can be accessible to all users on their devices via the app.

All you have to do is launch your Instagram application and go to your profile’s settings. When you’ve completed the form, let them know that the post posting to the account isn’t working, and they’ll fix the problem for you or show you how to enable it at your own discretion.

Follow the below steps to reach the Instagram support team for any issue you have with the functionality of your Instagram account:

  • First, you must open the Instagram application from the mobile.
  • Immediately access the profile page.
  • Go to your accounts settings.
  • As you scroll down, you’ll notice an option that reads “Help.”
  • Tap the option.
  • Four different options will be displayed before you. The options include “Report problems”, “Help Center”, “Support Requests”, and “Privacy and Security Help”.
  • Click on “Help Center”.
  • The link will take you to the internet browser that is Instagram’s assistance center.
  • Here you can type in your problem into your search bar. Input all the information and inform them about this feature.

The Instagram assistance team will be able to assist you with solving your problem and give you steps that will help you share stories.

Quick FAQs | Can’t Share Post to Story Instagram

Here are some frequently asked questions relating to the adding posts to story missing issue on Instagram.

How can I share a post with someone on Instagram?

If you’d like to share a post with a specific person, you can send it directly to him through Direct Messages on Instagram. In order to do that, tap the Send button in the reel or post you want to share, and then click on the Send button next to the name of the person. If you are unable to locate him, you can use the search option located at the top of the screen to find his name.

How do I fix can’t add reel to story on Instagram?

If you’re trying to post reel footage to your Instagram story but you don’t see the “Add reel to story” option after you click on the “Send” button (paper airplane icon), you’ll be able to follow this guide to resolve the issue in the same way, as both problems are the same.

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