Business Customer Relationship: Keeping The Clients

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  • Maintaining Client Relationships in Business

    When trying to maintain a long business customer relationship with a client.

    One must ensure that the said clients are kept within reach for as long as possible.

    Being faithful and diligent to the clients is the key to achieving this.

    Maintaining one`s behavior help in maintaining that prospective client.

    Being polite to the client also ensures a reciprocation of the same disposition by the said client.

    Going by the philosophy, respect often begets respect in life.
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  • Your client might yell at you, but you should not react.

    You might be right, but still, try not to react negatively.

    This might look or sound like preaching to you, but trust me, it`s not.

    Get to know the likes and dislikes of your client.

    Doing that helps you in maintaining  a long-lasting relationship

    A client you gain today you might lose tomorrow.

    How you prevent that from happening depends on your business-customer relationship.

    Getting a client is easier than keeping one.

    Though I once said in my last article that a good product will no doubt market itself.

    It`s true that a good product will no doubt market itself.

    But one thing is sure if a buyer is not pleased with the seller one way or the other.

    He/she will look for the same product or services elsewhere.

    In the photography business, customer relations are very important.

    Once you learn how to keep a client, the sky is your limit.

    Keeping a single client is like a food chain.

    A single client can link you with thousands of clients.

    Let me tell you a short story.

    One of my clients rejected a photo book I delivered to him.

    I delivered the photo book in the agreed-upon size (12 x 16).

    He said he told me he wanted a photo book size of 12 x 24.

    But am very sure my client told me 12 x 16 size.

    As a professional photographer, I didn’t fight him or question him in any way.

    I  package the new size he told me and I delivered.

    He did not pay me for my loss. He only thanked me after delivering the job.

    To cut the story short, the link and clients I later gained from the said client are enormous.

    Thanks to my business customer relationship. 

    If I  had fought the man the other day, practically, he would not have recommended me to anyone else.

    So then, how will a good product market itself without a good business-customer relationship?

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