Block Ads Pop Ups Easily On Movie Download Sites

Please, do you know how to block ads pop ups on movie download sites? I received a lot of messages based on the fact that a lot of people find it hard to download movies online because of pop-up ads.

Pop ups and redirect from movie download sites can be very annoying. Do you know the reason why you are being redirected to ads when trying to download movies?

It’s because those ads and pop-ups are the primary sources of income for those websites. This means you might not be able to block ad pop-ups. But the good news is that you can still find a way around this problem. Read the article below to learn how how to stop ads from popping up.

Once you follow the guide in this article, you won’t find it hard to download from websites like,

Best Movie Download SitesYou Might Want To Block Ads Pop Ups

Why Am I Redirect To Ads When Trying To Download a Movie

As I’ve said earlier, this pop-up is basically the source of income for these movie download sites. Thinking you can block ads pop ups is not impossible but difficult.

Can this Redirect Issue Affect My PC or Android Phone in Any Way?

Sometimes a display download button might be malware in disguise. So to be on the safer side, you should install an updated antivirus that can block ads pop ups from affecting your system.

Are These Websites Safe To Visit?

They are safe only when you have antivirus software on your system. Antiviruses like Kaspersky Internet Security and Avast Internet Security When you install any of these antivirus programs, it automatically blocks all malware attacks from the internet.

How To Block Ads Pop Ups And Easily Download Movie For Free

Solving this problem is pretty simple. These online movie download sites are written in such a way that when you click, it opens another tab in a new window. To block pop up ads, simply close this new tab each time it opens.

Till you reach the download page, close all the pop ups. Each time you close the pop ups, you will automatically return to the original website.

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Bonus: There is also a way to stop ads popping up on Chrome, because sometimes the easy fix is to enable an ads blocker on your browser. Click Here

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