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Top 5 Asus Aura Sync compatible fans [ARGB / RGB]

Aura Sync compatible – Fan Compatible Asus Aura

RGB fans do look impressive, and you need compatible software and motherboard to use them.

ASUS Aura is one of the most widely used RGB lighting software, and now we’re going to be showing you the best ASUS Aura Sync fans on your PC

ASUS Aura Sync is a great software that allows the user to control the lighting of your computer. However, if you want to use ASUS Aura, you need to have components that are compatible with it.

In today’s post, we’re going to add fans to keep your machine cool while providing complete support for ASUS Aura at the same time.


DEEP COOL CF120 3IN1 comes with 12 pieces of programmable RGB LED lights so that all kinds of lighting effects can be quickly produced.

As far as power is concerned, you can control it via motherboard or via cable control. When it comes to lighting, the fan has three dynamic modes and three monochrome modes can choose from.

The fan completely follows the ASUS Aura and can be used as a case fan or cooling fan of the CPU. Bear in mind that if you only have a 5V ADD-RGB 3-pin header, you can only sync this fan with other DEEP COOL fans.

If you have several 5V ADD-RGB 3-pin headers, you can connect your fan with other gadgets and brands.

Overall, DEEP COOL CF120 3IN1 is a big fan of gamers and tech enthusiasts, so make sure to consider it.

Pros & Cons

  • 12 pieces of RGB LED programmable lights
  • Three dynamic and three monochrome lighting modes
  • ASUS Aura motherboard and cable control
  • For certain people, it can be a little loud

2. Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R ARGB

Cooler MasterFan MF120R is an addressable RGB fan that can be customized in full display. As regards compatibility, the fan is compliant with Asus Aura, ASRock RGB and MSI RGB.

The fan comes with sound-absorbing rubber pads which, due to the noise-reduction technology, can stay silent even during prolonged gaming sessions.

This model has a hybrid architecture that incorporates the design of a jet engine and a helicopter blade to help you maintain static air pressure at all times.

Fan also has built-in sensors that can detect whether other parts are snagged on the cords. Cooler MasterFan MF120R is a fantastic fan, and you should certainly buy it.

Pros & Cons

  • Addressable support for RGB
  • Compatible with Asus Aura, ASRock RGB and MSI RGB Noise Control Technologies
  • Design of hybrids
  • Built-in sensors for identification of snag
  • Cables can be too small for certain users.

3. anidees AI Aureola V2

Anidees AI Aureola V2 is a 120mm RGB fan and comes with 18 separate LEDs. The fan has 9 different lighting modes, but it also supports a color-cycling feature.

The fan is fitted with rubber pads and rifle bearings, so it can stay quiet at all times. This system is compliant with ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Magical Light Sync (J-Rainbow) and GIGABYTE RGB Fusion.

Bear in mind that AI Aureola V2 uses a 5V 3-pin header and is not compliant with a 12V 4-pin RGB header.

The fan comes with its own controller, which can accommodate 8 fans and 2 LED strips. Of course, the remote RF is available, so you can quickly change your fan settings remotely.

Pros & Cons

  • 18 different LEDs
  • 9 common types of lighting
  • Rubber pads and rifle bearings for noise control
  • ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Magical Light Sync, and GIGABYTE RGB Fusion are compatible.
  • Comes with the remote control of RF
  • Few users had trouble with ASUS Aura

4. Dark-Flash Aurora DR12 Pro

DarkFlash Aurora DR12 Pro is a 120mm fan that comes with rubber pads and hydraulic bearings that minimize noise and improve cooling.

As far as compatibility is concerned, the fan uses a 5V A-RGB 3-pin header and provides complete compatibility with the ASUS Aura. The fan comes with its controller, so you can add an extra 8 fans and 2 LED strips to it.

Of course, the controller helps you to quickly change the speed of the fan, the lighting mode, and the LED speed. The fan also comes with a handheld wireless RF, so you can change the settings of the fan remotely.

Pros & Cons

  • Rubber pads and hydraulic bearings for noise control
  • compatible with ASUS Aura
  • Controller capable of accommodating 8 fans and 2 LED strips
  • RF wireless remote control.
  • Only function for RGB headers of 5V

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5. Asiahorse Fs9002

Asiahorse Fs9002 comes with a total of 28 lights, 20 out of the frame and 8 frame lights. The fan has a special blade configuration that raises wind and air pressure by 15% relative to comparable ones.

The LED bead is made of gold wire, which can make your LEDs last longer. The fan has a hydraulic bearing and self-lubrication that means that your fans stay silent at all times.

The fan is compatible with 5V addressable motherboards and supports ASUS Aura, Gigabyte RGB FUSION, MSI Magical Light Sync, etc.

Asiahorse Fs9002 with its 28 lights and special blade style is one of the most fascinating versions you would want to consider.

Pros & Cons

  • 28 LED lights (8 inners + 20 out of frame)
  • Special blade style that delivers 15% more air volume and pressure
  • Gold wire bead lamp for improved longevity
  • ASUS Aura, Gigabyte RGB Merge, MSI Mystic Light Sync compatible.
  • Few users had trouble with PWM

ASUS Aura technology is fantastic, and if you’re looking for new fans that are compatible with it, we urge you to try all the products on our page.

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