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Audiomack Upload: How To Upload On Audiomack

Do you want to know how to upload your songs to Audiomack for free? If yes, you are in the right place. The necessary steps to create an account, Audiomack upload, and how delete music on Audiomack. Learning and reading this write-up will help you promote your song on the platform.

To promote music you must make your music available online. When you’ve got just one track or a thousand, Audiomack offers you a user-friendly upload system along with boundless storage for music, podcasts, and much more.

About Audiomack

Audiomack is just a quick-escalating music streaming platform commonly used in the USA, China, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Ghana, and several other nations.

Artists and ordinary users may upload their music at no cost, and there isn’t any fee for offline music playback. This makes Audiomack a cool music streaming and podcast platform for professional musicians as well as for users.

How to Upload Music on Audiomack

Audiomack is just a music-sharing platform, plus it’s becoming popular among musicians in these times. But document uploading is just on the Audiomack background computer and mobile web. The Audiomack Program is just employed for streaming and societal sharing, or it utilizes an Audiomack downloader to access music on your device and play offline.

To begin with, however, you need to get a free account. Before beginning, make sure to sign up and complete your founder profile; in this manner, fans can fit your articles into your character. Click on this hyperlink,, to generate your Audiomack account.

How to Upload Music To Audiomack On Desktop Web

  • Proceed to Audiomack homepage
  • Click ‘Upload’ at the top right corner, and then Select “Song” for solo tracks or “Album” for a cohesive collection
  • Click Next
  • Here you have to fill in the details. Enter the artist, album, and genre name. Write the tag, select the mood, and write a few sentences about the song and an image for the album cover with a resolution of at least 500 × 500 pixels
  • Click the Meta-data and then Release tabs, and set a private or promo link. Here, you’ll set a special release period and then edit your track URL to make it effortless for fans to locate and connect with it. You can choose if You Would like to Allow downloads or perhaps not
  • Lastly. If you would like to publish it at exactly the exact uploaded, Click ‘Finish’ or select release date’ and program it for the upcoming release.

How to Upload Music To Audiomack On Mobile Web

To upload your music to the Audiomack mobile web, you are going to still stick to the same process as from the desktop web.

Now, as soon as you’re on the Audiomack mobile web, do these to upload your music to Audiomack mobile website.

  • Click on your avatar at the bottom right to take it to your artist page
  • Subsequently, click on the Gear icon within the avatar
  • Click Upload to go to the Audiomack upload webpage.
  • Select the file type
  • Click Next
  • Now navigate through your files or drag and drop your music track into the Audiomack window
  • Fill out the song information, including features, and production credits, and add your art cover
  • Click the Metadata and Release tab to set a private or promo link. Here you set specific release times and editing your track URL makes it easier for fans to find and link to them. You may both choose if you would like to allow downloads or perhaps maybe not
  • Finally, click Finish to upload it. The track is currently readily available for sharing with your buffs on Twitter and Facebook.


Fixing or changing, some upload errors on your file is simple and easy.

  • On your profile select ‘creator Dashboard
  • By the left, then select Manage Content’
  • Delete the song. Click the preferences icon for this song that you need to delete.

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