AMD Graphics Card: Pros & Cons

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In this article we analyze the pros and cons of AMD graphics card.

Graphics card is one of the crucial hardware that determines how fast your laptop or desktop would be. So its no lie to say you need a powerful GPU to run a heavy game or software smoothly.

So far, I have come to realize that it’s not about the Graphics type but the specs in it. We can’t say AMD is inferior or superior to NVIDIA. When making a comparison between the two, there is a need to analyze the pros and cons of these graphics cards.

AMD Graphics Card Pros & Con’s


  • AMD graphics card is cheaper, its quite easy to purchase for buyers with low budget. Been cheap doesn’t make it worthless, in fact, it is one of the best gaming cards you won’t regret anything about.
  • Superior Graphics specs: Looking at AMD from another perspective, the graphics processor is more suitable for playing games. It works at an amazing speed that you won’t experience any lag in your game.
  • Enhanced virus protection (EVP). AMD processor has built-in software to detect malware in a program.


  • Heat: if there is one thing I slightly hate about AMD graphics card, its the heat that it generates. And this is because AMD does not use the cooling heat sink as its main cooling system rather it uses the fan as a cooling component.
  • Less fame than it deserves: AMD processor is very good, not many people know this. All that some users think about this processor is the fast heat it generates. Maybe that’s why it’s cheaper compare to INTEL and NVIDIA. But you should know the latest DELL INSPIRON 5000 SERIES now has a very high price, and most of its dedicated GPU is AMD processor.

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Which Is The Best Graphics Card, AMD, NVIDIA, or INTEL?

When comparing these graphic cards, one needs to understand a particular fact, which is capital (Money). Trust me when you have money in your pocket, Going for any of these cards is not a bad choice. But we can say there still some areas where you want to know which graphics card works best.

For Instance, If you are a media type or you edit videos with an app like premiere pro. I will advise you to purchase a high dedicated NVIDIA laptop like Asus ROG Strix G15.

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