How to Activate Airtel Night Plan | Get 1.5GB for N50

Airtel night plan 2022: Get 1.5GB for N200 and 500MB for N25

Airtel is the largest mobile operator in Nigeria and one of the most popular operators in Africa. It has an impressive subscriber base of over 200 million users.

The company is currently trying to increase its revenue by offering consumers data bundles on a monthly basis. In order to do so, it needs to offer more data at a cheaper price for its customers.

This means that it needs to increase the amount of data that it offers for free and then offer a bundle of additional services like voice calls, SMS and MMS at a higher cost.

Smart Trybe Tariff Plan subscribers can enjoy low-cost nighttime browsing if you’re unaware. This is just one of the many appealing features.

At present, just 500 MB can be used between 12 am, and 5 am during one night, while 1.5 GB can be obtained under the same conditions at the cost of N200 per night.

About Airtel Night Plan Subscription

The Airtel, The Night’s Data Plan, has the most substantial benefit of providing more fantastic data at a lower cost. If you’re able to stay awake while you sleep, it is well worth the price.

Another benefit is that, in contrast to the MTN night plan, which allows you to join just once every night, with the night plan, you can pay the amount as many times as you could in like single night.

Airtel Night Plan Time

  • The duration is from 12:01 am to 5:00 am, five hours.

It is crucial to know the time to exhaustion. At the very least, you will be aware of the speed at which you use the data you have been given, or perhaps, to spend some time.

How To Subscribe To The Airtel Night Plan

Before you can enjoy all the advantages of the night subscription, you will need to first switch to Airtel’s airtel smart trybe tariff plan before you can enjoy Airtel smartTrybe’s unlimited data.

To join, type in *321# to subscribe. ussd code *321#then select 1 to join the smarttrybe plan of Airtel.

Let us guide you on how to get Airtel’s unbeatable nighttime data plans.

To join the Airtel Night Plan, choose one of the plans listed below.

For Airtel 1.5GB at N200

  • Dial *312#.
  • Reply “3” to view the prices.
  • Now enter “2” and then click send.

USSD Code: *141*505#

For Airtel 500MB at N25 

  • Dial *312#.
  • Reply “3” to view the list
  • Enter “1”, then forward it.

Airtel 250MB for n25

  • Amount: 25 Naira (make sure you’ve got the number or the exact one)
  • Subscription Code: Dial *312#, type in the code, then send 3. (Airtel Night Plan 250MB)
  • Validity: 1-Night (between 12 am and 5 am)

Airtel Unlimited Night Plan

When you dial the number *481*2#, you can enrol in an unbounded Airtel 3-hour nighttime unlimited plan. It is priced at 200 Naira. However, the plan expires within three hours of purchasing the subscription.

The infinite duration of 6 hours, for 500 Naira, is another unlimited option. Enter “*481*1# to sign up.

How to Check Airtel Data Balance on Android

It’s not enough to access the Night Browser plan offered by Airtel. However, you have to be vigilant and keep track of your balance data every once in a while to ensure the principal amount you pay isn’t charged to your account. To determine the Balance of data on Airtel, you can use 2 codes to check the airtel night plan data balance.

  • Code USSD
  • Direct messages via text


Airtel’s top balance packages for balance are 2GB Airtel, 4.5GB Airtel and the following subscriptions that are lower:

  • 2GB -30 days-2000 naira-*438#
  • 30MB – 1 day -100 naira-*410#
  • 3GB- 30 days-3000 naira-*437#
  • 4.5GB- 30 days-*439#
  • 500MB- 14 days-500 naira -*418#
  • 1.5GB-30 days-1000 naira-*496#

It is also possible to dial *140# to verify all data balances on Airtel.

Direct text message:

Direct SMS is a different method to determine the health of your Airtel account. If USSD code service isn’t running, this option is advised.

  • Text the message to 141.
  • You should expect your Airtel balance of data to be sent through a text message.

Additional Airtel Data Plans | How To Subscribe and Check Balance.

  • Dial *141# to sign up for the Airtel plan for data.
  • Enter *140# to check the data balances on Airtel.
  • You can send status Status 140 to check Balance through SMS.

The codes above are how to sign up for the Airtel data bundle in general. You can go to for more details.

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Can I Subscribe To The Data Plan To Get More Data Once a Night?

The last time I used the browsing plan was last night. You are only able to subscribe to the plan once. The rules may have changed. Try to sign up more than once per night.

There’s no harm in doing it.

How To Recharge Airtel Night Plan Online?

To recharge your Airtel night pack from 12 am to 6 am online, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Airtel Thanks App.
  2. You can click on the recharge button.
  3. Choose one of those Airtel night packs, and complete the payment.

Once you have completed these steps, you will activate your Airtel Night Pack.

Who can recharge using these Airtel Night Packs on the Internet?

The plans are available to everyone who lives in India. You can recharge quickly using these plans if you own an Airtel SIM card.

Can I use the Airtel Night browsing Plan during the day?

  • No.

I’m sure you’re trying to figure out how to use the Airtel night plan. Airtel night plan during the middle of the day.

The problem is that it’s called the “Airtel Smart Trybe midnight browsing plan,” which means that it’s only accessible at night.

Can I transfer night plan data?

  • No.

There’s no option to move the night plan information package right now, but perhaps shortly.


The Airtel Night plan is fantastic and is the most effective compared to other night plans offered by other networks. I’ve tried Glo as well as MTN and 9mobile’s evening browsing plans.

I’ll repeat it repeatedly: Airtel’s night plan data is one of the best. You can get regular Airtel plans for data or pick an appropriate Airtel tariff plan to take advantage of.

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