Acresso Software Manager: Meaning & How To Remove It

You could be surfing around normally on your Windows 7/8/10 PC and having bugs like “The following applications are using files that need to be updated by this setup. Close these programs and press the retry button to proceed. Acresso Software Manager (Process ID: XXXX)” and you might be wondering how acresso software manager does on my pc? How will I have it removed? Is it safe to delete this?

Don’t worry, we’re going to answer all your questions in this post.

What is acresso software manager?

The Acresso software manager will run in the background of Windows and will immediately start when the PC boots. It is installed when Nuance PDF Reader was installed on your PC.. So, there’s a strong probability it will be installed because you’ve installed a Nuance PDF reader on your machine. You can also find an Acresso software manager on your PC or laptop, often by the name of isuspm.exe.

Its Created by Acresso Software Inc.

The goal of Acresso Software Manager is to find out about changes to the installed programs. If there are any changes, the warning will be issued, or it will be changed automatically in case of default settings.

When the Acresso software manager uses the internet to check the updates, significant data is consumed and the speed of the PC is slowed down.

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Is it all right to keep Acresso Software Manager?

There’s no problem if you have an Acresso software manager on your laptop or PC. However, it uses a lot of CPU speed and can lead to a system lag.

It is therefore safer to delete it. To do what is required, you need to follow the instructions below.

How to Remove Acresso Software Manager

You may have scanned at ways to uninstall Acresso Software Manager or isuspm.exe.

To make life smoother, use any of the methods below to remove Acresso software Manager from your laptop:

Method 1: Using Task Manager

  • Open the Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL or right-clicking the taskbar and choosing the task manager.
  • Move to the procces tab to find the process.

Note: Process ID (PID) can be used to define the correct location process. Click “View > Select Columns” and allow “PID (Process Identifier)” to display this value on the Processes page.

  • Choose the process and choose “End Task” and that’s it.

Method 2: Uninstall Acresso Program Manager

This is how to uninstall Nuance File Reader to delete Acresso Software Manager from your PC or laptop:

  • Start the Control Panel
  • Pick the option “Uninstall a program” from the screen
  • When the app/software list is ready, scroll down to the Nuance PDF Reader or Nuance Power PDF Advanced name on the list.
  • Push the right-click option, then click the Uninstall icon.

This will successfully delete the Nuance PDF Reader to remove the Acresso Software Manager.

Method 3: Ignoring the pop-up

If you do not plan to uninstall and require Nuance PDF Viewer, take these measures to prohibit the Acresso Software Manager from temporarily using the processing power:

  1. Open Nuance PDF Reader software
  2. Pick the “Help” option in the toolbar
  3. Select “Nuance on the Web” option
  4. Click to uncheck the “Automatic Web Update” option and disable it.
  5. Close your Nuance PDF Reader

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Doing this, you can use the Nuance PDF Reader without bothering about Acresso Software Manager consuming all your  system resources in the background.


Hopefully, this article has been useful in learning about Acresso Software Manager, how to use Nuance PDF Reader, how to avoid the warning of Acresso Software Manager, and how to totally remove/deselect Nuance PDF Readers from your system.

Olajide Towoju
Olajide Towoju

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