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What Is about blank and How Do I Get Rid of about:blank

What exactly does ”about blank” mean? Is it malware, or even a poor Internet connection, and sometimes perhaps a bad connection? How to stop it? An ”about:blank” has lots of known reasons for appearing on your screen. Broadly, the blank pages really are of no concern. Continue reading to secure answers to the most frequently asked questions about ”about:blank” webpages.

If you find ”about blank” on your web browser’s address bar, you are seeing a clear page built for your web browser. It is a common setting on Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft EdgeGoogle-Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and other browsers.

You’ll find nothing improper with about blank. Most of the time, users utilize about:blank as their home page, ensuring that their web browser opens as a plain white screen. If your web browser opens about:blank and you also don’t like it, then we will explain to you just how to avoid that from happening.

What Exactly Does “About Blank” Mean?

This is really just a blank page constructed for your web browser. The ”about blank” area of this speech tells the browser to automatically reveal internal, built-in web pages. For instance, from Chrome, you also are able to type about: preferences into the address bar to open the Preferences page or about: Documents to view Chrome’s document downloads list.

After you type about blank into the address bar and press Enter, your web browser will automatically load a clear page with nothing about it. This page isn’t on the internet–it’s built into a web browser.

An about:blank tab or window does not have, and is not designed to load, a webpage. The bottom line is that about:blank is exactly what it sounds like: a blank page that isn’t a URL, but rather a command built into the browser.

What’s about:blank useful??

You will wonder why folks desire to utilize a blank page. The theory does seem strange, however, it’s real intentions. The most usual usage is teaching the web browser to automatically open a blank page once started –and sometimes maybe to get a new tab or new window sometimes. Browsers like Chrome and also Firefox want to take control whenever you open up their executable files.

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To attain this, all you want to do is move in your browser’s preferences and let it open with”about:blank” as an alternative to the other web page.

Web browsers can also open up the blank “about:blank” page should they launch and do not understand what else to produce. A browser consistently has to produce something, after all, loading an about blank can be actually really just a method of displaying a blank page.

More Uses

  • Keeping the browser from launching multiple tabs or windows from the previous session.
  • regaining solitude upon launching
  • Regulating bandwidth by simply opening a non-internet browser to begin their session
  • Making the homepage blank
  • Regulating procedures within an elderly PC

Common Reasons for about blank Pages

An”about blank” page may occur in various ways and for a variety of factors.

The most Frequent causes behind about blank pages comprise:

  • Just click on a download link which opens into another window tab, and also the browser becomes forced to produce a blank page to start the downloading.
  • You mistype a website, and that means you receive the incorrect page, resulting in security issues or an about:blank page when your browser can’t know what to produce.
  • Based on the information processed, the browser has no notion what to do. Inconsistencies in HTML, Java and other scripts might cause the browser to display a blank page because it is unable to process anything.

Why would Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge display a blank screen?

It’s useful in all of the following circumstances:

  • When consumers wish to start their browser without having to load a web page as the default start page.
  • To prevent the browser from consuming too much of your computer’s or network’s resources when it first starts up.
  • Because the browser can’t figure out what to show, it defaults to the about:blank page.
  • To download a file or for some other reason, clicking on a link that opens a new browser tab.
  • Before installing a script or software, clicking a malicious web link that opens a new tab.

As you’ve seen, the majority of these scenarios are not harmful in the least. The only risk arises if you click on a link that you shouldn’t have. This will occasionally open a new tab in the browser window, but because there is no actual website to display (just a file to download), the browser displays about:blank.

Can It Be a Virus or Malware?

Many people think that it is a computer virus infecting their system, but it isn’t. about blank page is not spyware or anything serious. Because the page is not delivered from an external source, it is not hazardous to your computer. But in the event that you should be concerned that our personal computer may be infected with malicious software, bad link, malware or a virus, then we still recommend performing a scan using your own anti-malware application of preference.

We enjoy Malwarebytes, also we recommend giving your pc a scan with this. The free version will do manual scans and remove malware. The paid Premium version simply adds automatic wallpaper scanning. Malwarebytes supports both Windows PCs and Macs.

How to disable about:blank Pop-ups

Fretting about:blank pages is dependent upon the reason why they get displayed from the very first location. If you’ve made changes to your browser preferences to open blank pages, you only have to return to the browser settings and also then reverse those modifications.

In the event that you see about blank should you open your web browser, and then you’d rather visit your browser’s New Tab page or some web page, whatever you should do will change your web browser’s home page.

How to Fix About:Blank Problems in Chrome

  • In Google-Chrome, go to Settings Settings. Scroll right all the way down to the” On startup” section and select “Open the New Tab page” or delete about:blank out of the web pages which open on startup and then choose your favorite web page.

Simply follow these easy procedures to resolve “about:blank” issues.

  • Launch Chrome.
  • Select More Tools from the menu (three vertical dots symbol).
  • Choose Clear Browsing Data.
  • From the dropdown menu, select All Time.
  • Check all of the boxes on the Basic and Advanced tabs.
  • Choose Clear Data.

How to Fix About:Blank Problems in Mozilla Firefox

  • In Mozilla Firefox, click menu > Alternatives > Home. Select your preferred home page to get new windows and new tabs. Be sure “Blank Page” or “about:blank” is not selected.

How to Fix About:Blank Problems in Safari

  • Back in Apple Safari on a Mac, click on Safari > Preferences > General. Under Homepage, remove”about:blank” and input your preferred home page.

How to Fix about blank Problems in Edge browser

  • Back in Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser, clicek > Settings > startup. Select” Open a new tab” or remove about:blank out of the set of pages Edge opens once you first launch it.

How to Fix About:Blank Problems in Internet Explorer

From Internet Explorer, you’ll be able to modify this by the Internet Options window. (you mustn’t be using Internet Explorer anymore, naturally. Even Microsoft urges you to leave IE behind. However, it might still be essential for several old small business software and different legacy program.)

  • Click on the gear-shaped menu and select ”Internet Options.” Remove”about blank” from the home page at the peak of this overall pane. Input the address of your preferred home page.

If all else fails, you can reset browser to its default settings, or even uninstall and reinstall the browser to restore settings.

Follow these instructions to reset Chrome.

  • Select Settings from the menu.
  • From the left-hand menu, select Advanced.
  • Select Reset Settings from the option that displays.
  • Click on Restore settings to their original defaults.
  • Click Reset Settings.

This procedure will remove ALL custom settings, extensions, and other modifications you’ve made to Chrome and should only be done as a last resort.

How to add About Blank as your browser homepage

Click the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner of the menu bar in the most recent version of Microsoft Edge, and choose Settings in the subsequent menu.

The Settings item is highlighted in the edge menu.

On the subsequent page:

  • To access the startup options, click on startup in the left-hand menu.
  • Select Open a specific page or pages from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Add a new page.
  • Enter “about:blank” as the for the new page.
  • Click Add

As a result, “about:blank” will be listed as the page to open when you launch Microsoft Edge. The starting page is set to about:blank.

To activate and configure the Home button to about:blank:

  • In the left-hand menu, click Appearance.
  • To toggle it on, click the Show home button.
  • When you click Home, enter “about:blank” as the page to go to.

Settings for the Edge Home button (Click for a bigger image.)

When you click the Home button or launch the browser for the first time, your browser will (quickly) return to about:blank.


How can I fix about:blank issues?

There are several things you can do to repair the errors if you’re encountering problems with every online page and not only when you open your browser or visit one URL. As previously said, begin by performing a virus scan. To remove issues, you may also erase the browser’s cache and history.

How can I prevent about:blank from appearing when I run my web browser?

The best way to resolve this is to update your browser’s home page. You may change it to Google, a news source, or any other website you like. Set your home page to something different in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or even Edge, and you should no longer see the about blank page when you open your browser.

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