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100% Working HA Tunnel Plus Files Configuration Download

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Have you been searching for a way to download Ha Tunnel Plus files or unlimited config files for major networks like MTN, Airtel, or Telkom to download? Then you’re in the right spot.

In this post, I will release some new HA Tunnel config files that have been tested and confirmed to work. We’ve been playing with this trick for a few months now. Every single person who visits this blog will be able to confirm this. If your HA Tunnel Plus cheat has stopped working or you are searching for a fresh working file, get it by reading this article.

This HA Tunnel hack stopped working for some people in the last few days because they were using config files that have been removed. Another reason is that you’re using an outdated application.

Ha Tunnel Plus

Ha Tunnel Plus is a simple-to-use VPN application that allows users to enjoy free internet access. It’s also very easy once you have configured it properly or downloaded the files that you can use.

This application doesn’t have to use the configuration files. However, if you aren’t sure how to configure it, you could use the configuration files. Hat config files are available for configuration that is simple as you’ll only import a file that covers the entire set-up.

Ha Tunnel Plus uses a variety of connection protocols, making it simple for many users to obtain free data. It also offers unlimited data. It also does not require a login or technical expertise to use.

Requirements for Ha Tunnel Plus VPN-Free Internet

  1. Any SIM cards from the mentioned networks with no data or credit for calls.
  2. A smartphone running Android or an iPhone.
  3. Your Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app
  4. The configuration files

They are free. Ha Tunnel configuration files fall into two types: Ha Tunnel and Naijaphotovibes. Naijaphotovibes is the Ha Tunnel category. It contains files that were sourced by Ha Tunnel admin, while Naijaphotovibes are the ones we created. Be sure to search to see if your nation has gratis Internet trick files in the categories ” Ha Tunnel” and ” Naijaphotovibes” as they could appear more than once. One example of the tricks that appear is those of South African users, Nigerian users, Myanmar users, and many others.

Also, verify the dates when the files were made accessible to find out if they’re new or not.

Ha Tunnel Plus File Config Download MTN 2022

It appears that MTN users have been kept below the earth all along. But that’s not the situation. It’s possible that you’re not finding the current Ha Tunnel Plus MTN Files Download hyperlinks.

You’re also a part of it and you can download the file here:

This is the MTN hat files download link provided to you.

Airtel Users – Ha Tunnel Config Files

When the cheat was introduced by Airtel in Nigeria, Airtel users enjoyed it even more.

Why? They were able to download the Airtel config files immediately after we dropped them.

One user utilized more than 51.82GB in just one day. See the screenshot below.

It’s a moment to download your file and begin searching for it for free. Use the below link:

Airtel Malawi Users

My friends from Malawi, it’s about time that you join us. I hope you enjoy it. The config file is now ready.

Before downloading, let me know how much you’ve spent on data bundles.

The following files will assist you in saving the cost you pay for airtime and, yes, you can search at no cost using the Tunnel Plus settings. Tunnel Plus settings.

Glo Users

Glo users don’t have to be left out. If you’ve got your Glo sim card in your phone, now is the time to plug it into your smartphone and download the HA Tunnel Plus VPN (settings).

Then, launch the application and then transfer the files you’re about to download right now.

There are additional HA Tunnel plus config files to download. Continue moving…

9mobile Users – HAT Files Download

Like Airtel users, some 9mobile customers could jump on and get their working ha tunnel 9mobile config file, and have gained over 16.08GB in a single day.

Isn’t that a bit insane?

We’ve updated our files to accommodate newcomers. If you’re on this site for the first time connect to our exclusive group chatroom here.

Telkom Users

No problem. Telkom customers have their own internet space and can browse the web at no cost.

You’re either new to the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN cheat, or you’ve used things in the past, LOL.

It doesn’t matter, this is your opportunity for you to be back on foot and browse at no cost using Telkom’s working ha tunnel plus config download file Telkom network.

Vodacom Users – Ha Tunnel Config Files Download

If you’re from Tanzania or Tanzania, you’ll be able to have unlimited access to internet browsing with the configuration file, which you’ll need to download in just a few minutes.

Use the hyperlink below:

Cell C Users HAT Files

Are you still struggling with costly data plans for your smartphone? You’ll be done with this fast, trust me.

For users of the Cell C network, ensure that you download the most recent version of HA Tunnel Plus VPN as advised in my earlier guide.

Get the configuration file by clicking here:

How to connect to Ha Tunnel Plus VPN (Import .hat files)

Are you having trouble transferring the configuration files you’ve downloaded? Follow the guidelines in the short video below to import your files faster: https://www.youtube.com/embed/ELCMl352IXE Now, in other words, here’s how to import the HA Tunnel hat files in a few seconds.

  • Download your Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app.
  • Install the software, but don’t launch the app just yet.
  • Find and download your Ha Tunnel configuration file(s) for your network from the list of configurations below.
  • Then, open the Ha Tunnel VPN and click on the hamburger icon (three dots on the upper left corner of the display).
  • Next, click next to Export/Import.
  • Tap on “Import Config.” After this, Ha Tunnel Plus VPN will automatically open the File Manager on your phone.
  • Find the folder from which you downloaded your configuration files.
  • After this, select the configuration files for your current network there. (i.e. the one you downloaded for MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, Digicel, Cell C, Vodacom, Telkom, and others).

NOTE: This post is meant for educational reasons only! You are accountable for the actions you take and your use of them. Naijaphotovibes uses only the information to inform ISPs of their vulnerability.

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Frequently Answered Questions

How do I get HA Tunnel Plus files?

Then, download Ha Tunnel Plus VPN on the Playstore… Choose the connection mode.

  1. URL Host: Enter your host URL.
  2. Method: “HTTP-BUG”
  3. HTTP Version: HTTP/1.1.
  4. HTTP Headers: Tick ✔ Keep Alive, Tick ✔ User Agent, and also, Tick ✔ Online Host.
  5. To proceed, Tap on Generate button.

What is HA Tunnel Plus app used for?

HA Tunnel Plus is an application that allows you to use existing connection protocols that are secured with the SSH2 protocol. 0. So, all communication between the user and server is safe.

Is HA Tunnel Plus safe?

HA Tunnel Plus is one of the most reliable VPNs that are available today! When you connect online, the VPN by Art of Tunnel allows you to conceal your IP address. Additionally, Ha Tunnel Plus VPN Ha Tunnel Plus VPN protects the data that you send and receive, providing you with an additional layer of protection.

Is TunnelBear legal?

TunnelBear is the owner of rights to all items that are related to the service that we haven’t granted you the specific authority to. It is not possible to make use of the Services to conduct any illegal actions. If you’re an individual company, you will be granted authorization to make use of the software and the services that you’ve opted to subscribe to, with the same terms as mentioned above.

Is Ha tunnel plus working?

Yes, Ha Tunnel Plus works 100%.

Does Ha tunnel give free data?

Yes, HA Tunnel unlocks your sim for browsing for free. Some files are limited, which is why it’s dependent on the downloaded file. There are unlimited configuration files, and there’s also a 500M, and 2GB in addition to many others…

Conclusion on HA Tunnel Plus Files Config


We’ve looked at what HA Tunnel Plus is and how you can access the internet for free with HA Tunnel Plus by sharing free Hat files for many countries. While we’re not able to include every country, we have covered quite a few countries.

If your country isn’t been included Please keep an eye out and sign up to this blog to receive updates on our forthcoming free internet configurations.

There are many times when users search on social media sites for Ha Tunnel with config files download, Ha Tunnel with Vodacom files, Ha Tunnel plus MTN files, and Ha Tunnel with free internet.

Don’t bother anymore since if you don’t be careful, you could get scammed. We don’t want this to happen to us, therefore we encourage you to keep up-to-date with our latest free Internet adjustments.

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