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Complete List of MTN Numbers (Telephone) Prefixes in Nigeria 2022

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Complete list of mtn numbers

It will be difficult for a user to identify which mobile network has a prefix within a number. Because the country’s mobile market is growing, it is difficult to know which network owns a particular prefix in a phone number. This is why you will want to see the List of MTN Phone Number Prefixes in Nigeria.

This article will provide you with information about the MTN phone number prefixes. With this information, you won’t be confused if this is what you see. You will also find other useful information down below.

What is a Telephone Prefix Number or Mobile Network? Below is the Answer

A Mobile Network Prefix Number (or set of letters) is what normally opens a line. Each network service in Nigeria has a Prefix Number. MTN’s Prefix Number will differ from GLO, AIRTEL, and ETISALAT. You should make sure to note one of each as it may prove very useful.

Complete List Of MTN Phone Number Prefixes In Nigeria

Below is the Complete and Up-to-Date List of MTN Prefixes in Nigeria. You should check them out, as they will prove to be as helpful as before. There are many reasons why you might want to learn these prefixes. You might have different reasons than someone else.

You should also be aware that MTN Phone Number Prefixes may differ from other numbers such as GLO, ETISALAT, 9MOBILE, AIRTEL, or 9MOBILE in Nigeria. This guide will help you distinguish between MTN lines and other networks.

To avoid any mistakes, you should also pay attention to the Phone Number Prefixes. Below is the complete list

List of MTN Numbers and Network Prefixes

MTN is Nigeria’s largest service provider and covers a lot of prefixes. Here’s a list of prefixes that MTN covers.


These are the MTN phone number prefixes available in Nigeria. You should make sure to keep them all. This will allow you to distinguish between MTN, ETISALAT, 9MOBILE, AIRTEL, GLO, or MTN lines. This is all we know so far about MTN Phone Number Prefixes in Nigeria. We hope you find it useful.

How do I identify MTN numbers?

*123*1*1# Your MTN number will appear on your screen. *663# will display your phone number.

What do MTN numbers start with?

MTN Nigeria’s mobile prefixes for phones are 07025, 07026, 0806, 0703, 0806, and 0810, 0813, 0814, 0816, 0903, and 0906.

How do I check my MTN number in Nigeria?

Code to verify my MTN number:
Call *123# to get the onscreen instructions. Send to My Tools option. Next, select option 5 from My Tools to request my number. This will display your telephone number on the screen.

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