October 24, 2021
Best Flash Games

The Best Flash Games (150+) – 2021 Updated!

Best Flash Games: Do you love to play games? Do you love to play games on the internet? Do you love to play games that are free? If you are nodding your head, then you are in the right place! We have compiled the top 150 best flash games for you to enjoy!

About Flash Games

Flash games are very popular in the interactive entertainment game industry. The best web game of our generation were designed using Flash technology since 1996.

Flash is most likely to cause these games’ success since it eliminates some important lifting a device is often required to do in the native videogame game industry.

Flash games are frequently associated with experimentation as they live online despite being extremely enjoyable.

Many game developers use the platform to test new functions before it goes into native app production.

Watch this list of flash video games you can find in 2021. We have also included games that are interesting in the simplicity and easily accessible.

Best Flash Games (150+)

1. IndestructoTank

You can drive an indestructible tank around, as you have probably guessed. After being attacked by enemy bombs, your tank will explode into the air and you’ll be able to hit the planes and helicopters. You will earn more points the more enemies you takedown in a single combo. You must reach the required experience points before you run out of fuel.

To play IndestructoTank, click here

 2. Electricman2HS  

Fighting game in which you must defeat multiple opponents simultaneously. It’s quite a fun experience with all the kicks, punches, and throws as well as defensive moves. You can even do slow-motion movements, similar to the Matrix!

Click Here to Play Electricman2HS

3. The Fancy Pants Adventure

Think Sonic the Hedgehog, but with a cleaner design and some physics effects. Oh, and the character wears really fancy pants! Simply run through the levels to avoid the monsters and collect the swirls or trophies.

Click Here to Play The Fancy Pants Adventure

4. Dino Run

You play as a small dinosaur trying to escape imminent extinction by a fallen meteor. You will need to race through hills and obstacles to avoid being overtaken by other dinosaurs. In short, run like there’s no tomorrow.

Click Here to Play Dino Run

5. Matrix Rampage

This one is for Matrix lovers. This game lets you play as Neo, jumping between floors and killing agents. You can use guns, swords, and staff to accomplish the task.

Click Here to Play Matrix Rampage

 6. Amorphous+  

Gooples can be found all around you. These colored bubbles are trying to kill your health. You are not the only one. You can use a large-ass knife for all of them!

Click Here to Play Amorphous+

7. Double wires

Do you ever wish to fly like Spider-Man’s? This Flash Flash game will allow you to get very close. Use your mouse to shoot the wires and stop the little guy from falling. Your goal is to get as far as you can.

Click Here to Play Double Wires

8. Final Ninja

The list couldn’t be complete without ninja-themed games. Final Ninja lets you control a small but powerful ninja in a side-scrolling adventure. Your tool belt includes throwing stars, a grappling line, and the ability to become invisible. It’s pretty cool.

Click here to play Final Ninja

9. Gunmaster Onslaught 2.0

Gunmaster Onslaught is a game where you play as an army commando and must survive the enemy’s assault to remain alive. You have weapons, mines, and rocket launchers at your disposal. You can also move around to get the ammo.

Click Here to Play Gunmaster Onslaught

10. Robokill

This is a very entertaining game in which you play as a mercenary robot that must destroy the Titan Prime invaders. You will need to complete several levels. Each level has many interconnected rooms. You can also make money which you can use to purchase new weapons or armor.

To play Robokill, click here

11. N

This is one of the most popular games on the internet. You play the role of a Ninja in N. Your goal is to capture gold cubes and get out of each level in 90 seconds. You will encounter lasers, mines, and heat-seeking missiles along your journey. It is a fantastic game, both in terms of physics and overall gameplay.

Click Here to Play N

Aim and Shoot

12. Throw Paper

This is a very basic game in which you must throw a piece of paper into the bin. You can swing the direction arrow in both directions. There is also a little lateral wind to help you increase your challenge. You want to get as many bins as possible.

To play Throw Paper, click here

13. Bowmaster  

Bowmaster is a strategy and RPG game, but your accuracy in aiming will be the key to winning. You only have your bow and must defend your castle against an army of ogres. You control both the direction as well as the power of your arrows with your mouse.

Click Here to Play Bowmaster

14. Cyrkam Airtos

This game requires you to catch a ball of paper that is being thrown at your by a friend and then you must shoot it on the trash can. Your mouse controls the shooting. The bin can be moved forward or backward depending on how many points you score.

Click Here to Play Cyrkam Airtos

15. Bowman

A game of archery where there is no target. Instead, you can shoot your arrows at an opponent. You can play against the computer or against another player, each taking a turn.

Click Here to Play Bowman

16. Binball Wizard

Another bin-throwing game, but instead of a paper ball, you can kick a soccer ball. You score by moving the bin around in a standard office. The physics effects are a great way to improve game quality.

To play Binball Wizard, click here

17. Bloons

This addictive game lets you play as a dart-throwing monkey. Each level will give you a set number of balloons, a certain number of dart throws, and a minimum number of balloons that you can pop.

Click Here to Play Bloons

Arcade and Classic Games

18. Commander Keen

You are in the minority if you have never seen Commander Keen. Flash has revived this classic, and although it isn’t great, it will entertain series fans for quite a while.

Click Here to Play Commander Keen

19. Tetris

We couldn’t leave out Tetris, the most well-known game in the world. Tetris will keep you busy for several hours. Although the Flash version is basic, it does the job.

Click Here to Play Tetris

20. Frogger

Since its original arcade machine debut in 1980, the game has not changed much. You must guide the little frog to his home and then cross a highway filled with vehicles and a river, where you will need to tread on logs in order to avoid crocodiles.

Click Here to Play Frogger

21. Pong  

Flash also has the original video game. This tiny piece of the game was created in 1972. Simply move your paddle to ensure you don’t miss the ball.

Click Here to Play Pong

22. Insane Orb

There is also an extreme version of Pong, called Insane Ob. You will find gravity fields, bouncing blocks, and other items on different levels.

Click Here to Play Insane Orb

23. Space Invaders  

A Wikipedia page for a game is a sign that it must be great. This arcade game is regarded as one of the most popular and oldest shooting games.

Click Here to Play Space Invaders

24. Super Smash Flash

Super Smash Bros anyone? It is basically a fighting game in which you can match characters from various Nintendo games, such as Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon. It’s not as fun as the original, but it is still enjoyable to play.

Click Here to Play Super Smash Flash

25. Pacman

Another hit arcade game. Research has shown that 94% of Americans recognize Pacman as a character. No kidding!

To play Pacman, click here

26. Pacxon

Are you tired of playing Pacman? Pacxon is a great alternative. To avoid ghosts, you will have to “cut out” at least 80% of the screen. There will be more ghosts on each level. Some ghosts even have special abilities.

To play Pacxon, click here

27. Contra 20th Anniversary Edition

Konami created the Contra series, which first appeared in arcades. The console versions for the NES or SNES made them extremely popular. It is a shoot-em-up game with side-view perspectives.

Click Here to Play Contra 20th Anniversary Edition

28. Super Mario World Flash

Super Mario World is one of the most popular platform games ever made. It was the best-selling game for the SNES, selling 20 million copies. Although not perfect, Flash isn’t bad.

Click here to play Super Mario World Flash

 29. Metal Slug Flash  

Another classic “run-and-gun” game. There will be an endless stream of enemies that you must shoot with various weapons and vehicles. You will need to kill a boss at the end of each level. It’s simple!

To play Metal Slug Flash, click here

30. Raiden X

Vertical shoot-em-up in which you control an aircraft and must kill enemies from the opposite direction. You have many weapon upgrades, cannons that are stationary, bosses, and lots of fun.

Click Here to Play Raiden X

Tower Defense Games

 31. Onslaught  

This classic tower defense game lets you choose from several types of turrets. This game has a unique twist: you can upgrade your turrets and, depending on their combination, you may be able to make them work together in a combo attack. You can start with the easiest levels, but it will get harder as you progress.

Click Here to Play Onslaught

32. Protector

Protector is a combination of tower defense and tactical RPG games. You will need wizards and knights to defeat the hordes of ogres and rats. You can make your characters more powerful, or focus their special attacks. The gameplay is simple, but there’s a lot of strategies.

To play Protector, click here

33. Vector Tower Defense

You must eliminate the incoming Vectoids by playing a minimalist tower defense game. You can make and upgrade towers to fire lasers or rays. The futuristic atmosphere is enhanced by the electronic background music.

To play Vector Tower Defense, click here

34. Bloons Tower Defense

What about a tower defense game with dart-throwing monkeys! You betcha! You can pop all the balloons before the track ends. You can also use boomerangs and cannons to make this happen, as well as road spikes and bombs.

Click here to play Bloons Tower Defense 3

35. GemCraft

Another tower defense game that mixes fantasy and RPG. You must prepare your defense against incoming enemies (insects), as well as have magical gems at your disposal that can cast devastating spells. You can combine the gems to create more powerful spells.

To play GemCraft, click here

36. Desktop Tower Defense

It is undoubtedly the most played flash game ever. It was played over 15 million times within a matter of months after its release. To make sure no “creeps” reach the other side, you need to establish your defense. You have full control over where the towers are placed. Different towers can have different abilities.

Click Here to Play Desktop Tower Defense

Escape the Room Games

37. Crimson Room

This is the game that popularized this genre. The door is locked and you are forced to escape. You only have your brain and your mouse to navigate.

Click Here to Play Crimson Room

 38. Viridian Room  

This game is a great alternative to Crimson Room. This game was developed by the same Japanese software company, so you’ll have to solve new mysteries before you can escape.

Click Here to Play Viridian room

 39. CDX  

CDX boasts some of the best graphics you’ll see in Flash games for quite some time. They actually used real actors and video segments within the game. “Amnesia” is the first episode. You will need to discover what’s happening in the room you wake up in.

Click Here to Play CDX

Graphical Adventures

40 Samorost 1

Interactive graphic art and a compelling story are combined. Samorost 1 is a game where you must help a guy save his planet from a collision with another. Click on all the items and figure out a logical sequence to prevent the crash.

To play Samorost 1, click here

41 Samorost 2

Samorost 2 sees you again as the little guy who is out to rescue his puppy from two aliens. In terms of graphics and gameplay, the sequel is sure to surpass its predecessor.

Click Here to Play Samorost 2

42. Warbears

This game lets you control a team of war bears who are assigned to solve a bank robbery. To make it work, you will need to click in the correct order. Each character can perform different actions, which makes the game more enjoyable.

Click Here to Play Warbears

43 Quest For The Rest

This game was designed to promote a band, hence the amazing background sound. The goal is to lead three members of the Polyphonic Spree towards the rest of the group. You will be able to access two live tracks if you complete all levels.

You can play Quest For The Rest by clicking here

Guitar Hero Games

44. Tenacious D

Although it is not the most intuitive of Guitar Hero clones. Once you get the flow going, though, it can be quite fun. To strum the guitar, hit the ASDF keys at just the right moment.

Click here to play Tenacious D

45 Flash Hero

Flash Hero shows the next notes vertically like the original Guitar Hero. To hold the string, you will need the numbers 1 through 6 and the backspace for strum. You can definitely play the easy mode.

Flash Hero – Click here

46 Coolio Beat 2

You can choose from eight songs with different skill levels. You can even play Mission Impossible right here! To choose the correct note and the space in which to strumming the guitar, use the numbers 1 through 4.

Click here to play Coolio Beat

47 Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 3

This is the latest installment in this series. Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 3 offers a wide selection of songs (some of which may need to be unlocked). You can use both the keyboard arrows as well as the numbers to play the game. It is enough to hit the numbers at the right moment.

Click Here to Play Super Crazy Guitar Manic3

Jewels Games

 48. Blocky  

You have four colored squares lying around. To play this game, drag a rectangle whose corners are the same color. You will be able to collect all squares within your rectangle once you have released the mouse. You will accumulate more points the larger your rectangle is, until you reach the end of the level.

Click Here to Play Blocky

49 Ring Mania

This is a simple game that involves a rotating circle in its middle and colored rings falling from its top. To make the rings pop, match three of the same color rings to score points.

Click Here to Play Ring Mania

50 Bejeweled

This addictive game requires you to swap adjacent gems in order to align a group of three or more identical gems. To score more points, you can make combos or cascades. There are two versions of the game: one is normal, and one is timed.

Click Here to Play Bejeweled

51 Zuma

Zuma is a game where you control a train of jewels moving along a track. In the middle of the scenario, you will find a frog that spits out jewels in different colors. To make the train pop, you must align at least three jewels of the same color to ensure that it does not cross the track. The game features cool graphics and sound effects.

Click here to play Zuma

Logic Games

52 Puzz Pinball

You must guide a pinball ball to its destination. You will find several pinball elements on each level that can change the direction of the ball, bounce it, and so forth. You can also rotate the elements, which gives you a lot of flexibility.

Click Here to Play Puzz Pinball

53 CuberXtreme

This is a well-designed game in which you push cubes around to match colors and make them disappear. There are many types of cubes, including joker cubes that can be mixed with any color and pet cubes that will give you one push. You can use the first level as a tutorial. The fun begins after that.

Click Here to Play CuberExtreme

54 Tangram

Flash is now able to find almost any game! Tangram, a classic Chinese game that requires you to combine seven pieces of different shapes to match the figure presented to you, is still available.

Click Here to Play Tangram

55 Cursor*10

It may seem strange at first but once you understand what it is, it becomes quite simple. To get to the 16th story of a building, click on boxes, stairs, and other objects. This can be done in 10 runs each using a different mouse cursor.

Click Here to Play Cursor*10

56 3D Logic Cube

It’s a simple but challenging game. Connect the colored squares of a 3D cube without crossing them. It’s easy? Level 30 is possible.

Click Here to Play 3D Logic Cube

57 Blueprint

Similar to Puzz Pinball’s Puzz Pinball, this game involves you dragging and dropping objects to ensure that the ball hits the target. There are 28 levels of fun and seven bonus levels. Blueprint is different in that you can only make one attempt.


58 Planarity

It’s quite a brain teaser. Planarity has blue dots, which are called vertices. These lines connect with each other (called edges). You need to drag the vertices around so that they don’t intersect.

To play Planirity, click here

59 The Idiot Test

This fun quiz will test your intelligence. Follow the instructions and see what results you get. There are some flaws to them (e.g. It is not perfect, but it is still very difficult.

To play the Idiot Test, click here

Multiplayer Games

60 Globulos

Globulos lets you manage a small team of creatures that can be thrown around. There are many types of games and maps. Some maps will allow you to simply force your opponents’ creatures from the arena. You must score goals on other games. You can only play as a guest player for 15 minutes. However, you can quit at any time and log back in if you do not wish to register.

Click Here to Play Globulos

61 Artillery

This game is similar to Gunbound. Artillery pits two players against each other, with each player controlling a tank. Each player controls his own missile and the shooting is done in rounds. Remember to consider wind.

You can play Artillery by clicking here

62 Stick Arena

A high-stakes, kill-’em all game. You aim to eliminate all other players using punches and katanas as well as AK-47s. Although you can play as a guest, registered users have the ability to move up in rank.

Click Here to Play Stick Arena

63 Platform Racing

This is a racing game in which each player can personalize his character by distributing points for the various attributes. You will be racing on a side-scrolling platform Mario World-style. Your goal is to beat your opponents and arrive first at the finish line while avoiding obstacles and using objects.

Click Here to Play Platform Racing

64 Platform Racing 2

Platform Racing 2 is very similar to the original edition. However, it has more online players, more customization options, and the ability to create your tracks. It is definitely one of the most popular multiplayer Flash games online, so you should give it a shot.

Click Here to Play Platform Racing 2

Physics Games

 65. Gravity  

This game requires you to release an atom from among larger particles while ensuring there are no collisions within a time limit set by the time bar. You may even learn something about gravitational forces.

Click Here to Play Gravity

66 Boomshine

Is it possible to trigger a chain reaction that will explode many dots? This is your goal in this game. There are dots scattered randomly. You can trigger an initial explosion by moving your mouse. Your explosion will be triggered by the dots that touch the area. You must remove as few dots as possible on each level.

Click Here to Play Boomshine

67 Trebuchet

To complete each level, adjust your trebuchet. The projectile’s mass, counterweight, and height, as well as the angle of the launch, must be chosen. You can also play with wind speed and gravity!

Click Here to Play Trebuchet

68 Filler

The goal is to fill two-thirds of the screen with filler balls. To do this, hold down the left button on your mouse. It is up to you not to be hit by any of the many bouncing balls.


69. N3wton

There is always an equal and opposite reaction to every action. This is Newton’s third law and the basis of this game. Your objective is to control a small tank that shoots balls and throws your opponents off the platform. Your shots will be more powerful the longer you keep your mouse button pressed.

Click Here to Play N3wton

70 Top Figures

This is a very interesting game with outstanding physics effects. This game involves a structure with a child on it. You must remove as many bars as possible so that the structure does not collapse. The kid cannot fall into the water.

Click Here to Play Top Figures

71 GravityPods

GravityPods lets you control a stationary gun and shoot a small projectile at the purple target. You will find gravity pods on different levels that will alter the trajectory of your shots making it more difficult to hit the target.

Click Here to Play GravityPods

72 Red

You can control a turret to defend the Red Planet. You will see orbs from all sites heading your way. By firing small balls at them, you can divert their path. As you advance in the game, it becomes more difficult.

Click Here to Play Red

73. Ragdoll Cannon

Ragdoll Cannon is a combination of projectile and physics games. You need to fire your dolls away with the goal of hitting the “Here” pad at each level. You will encounter many obstacles and need to think twice before you can complete the game.

Click Here to Play Ragdoll Cannon

74. Line Rider

This Flash game is extremely popular. You have to create a surface that a little boy can slide on with his sled. You can save and load your tracks, which allows you to create crazy and amazing tracks. It’s addictive.

You can play Line Rider by clicking here

75 Amazing Contraption

Fantastic was the right word to describe this game’s title. The game’s beauty lies in the way you move the red objects around the rectangle. There are three types of wheels available: one that automatically spins in each direction, and one that doesn’t. You also have two types of connections (a wooden rod and one made from water). You can build structures that will overcome all obstacles using just five components.

Click Here to Play Fantastic Contraption

Puzzle Games

76 Draw Play

This is a very funny game idea. The game is simple. You use the mouse to draw a platform and then you use the arrow keys to move a little mummy. You must reach each flag while avoiding any obstacles.

Click Here to Play Draw

77 Ball Bounce

Start a ball by firing it from the left side of your screen. Then, move it to the opposite side. You can bounce the ball on dark rectangles but it will not bounce on them if it hits a lighter one.

Click Here to Play Ball Bounce

78. Hoshi Saga 3

You must find the star on each level. Each level is unique, which will challenge you to think outside the box. There are 20 levels that can be unlocked for free and 16 additional ones that you must unlock first. You might also like Hoshi Saga 1 or 2.

Click Here to Play Hoshi Saga 3

79. Elements

A dizzying and fun game in which you must move a ball, destroy bricks, and then reach the green brick to take you to the next level. There are 25 levels. You can be sure that your eyes will last as many levels as you want!

Click Here to Play Elements

80 Stackopolis

To move the blocks, click on them and then copy the structure you’re given. It sounds simple, right? It sounds easy, right?

Click Here to Play Stackopolis

81. Virus 2

Virus 2 has a large number of colored blocks. You can control the color of any one of these blocks by starting with one. You can change the block’s color and the neighboring blocks will also be affected. You have a limit of colors that you can use to infect all blocks on each level.

Click Here to Play Virus 2

82. Domino Pressure

You must find the domino that will topple the whole set and squash the tomato within the time limit. The game starts with 20 seconds. Depending on how you perform, you can lose or gain time. It’s worth a try.

Click Here to Play Domino Pressure

83 Grow Cube

This is a simple but interesting game that requires you to start with a large cube and then distribute 10 items around it. Your cube’s final development will depend on the order in which the items are placed. Tip: Begin with the man.

Click Here to Play Grow Cube

84 Portal

Flash-based and 2D versions for Valve’s Portal. Each level has an exit door. You only have one weapon: your brain. The “Apertyre Sci Handheld Portable Device”, which shoots portals and can be used to teleport yourself, is all you need.

To play Portal, click here

Racing Games

85 Mini Karting

You can play Mini Karting by clicking here

There are almost 50 tracks to choose from. Although you will race alone, the ghost cars can be seen from both your fastest run and the best ever. Each month, three tracks are chosen to be “Tournament Tracks” and the homepage displays a Top 10 list of the fastest players.

86 Pursuit Across Europe (PACE)

This game was created by BMW as a promotion. Start in Portugal, and you will drive across Europe with other cars. Although the tracks aren’t difficult, the graphics and sound effects make it interesting and you can see how Flash technology is progressing.

Click Here to Play Pursuit Across Europe (PACE).

87 Drifting Championship

It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to compete in drifting races. Although there is only one track, the game is quite fun. You can modify the parts of your car and make a “league”, where several players can compete against each other. This is ideal for Fridays at work.

Click Here to Play Drifting Championship

Reflex Games

88 Get a Sinking Drink

Drinks will be served in three rows. Once they reach the end, you need to press Z, C, or X to get them back. The drinks are served faster as you progress in levels. Also, the women who serve them become prettier.

Click Here to Play Sink Your Drink

89. Short Circuit

As you attempt to avoid the rain of asterixes, listen to the funky music. Click the mouse to protect your light bulb. You might just make it through the different colored rounds.

Click Here to Play Short Circuit

90 Base jumping

Be the first one to touch the ground and beat your competitors. Once you are aligned with your opponents in the air, you will need to hit the spacebar fast. To open your parachutes, you will need to hit the spacebar once more when you approach the ground. You will advance to the next league if you win all three rounds.

Click Here to Play Base Jumping

91. Tontie

There are nine holes in each hole, one for each number on the keyboard number pad. You can smash the holes with your hammer when they pop! There are many treasures to be found, as well as special weapons and hammers, and special monsters that require more than one hit.

Click Here to Play Tontie

92. Squares 2

Control a square of black to collect all other squares while avoiding red. To activate bonuses, collect the black balls. The background music is also funky.

Click Here to Play Squares 2

93. Curve Ball

Imagine Pong in three dimensions. The computer controls the paddle at one end of the tunnel. You control the paddle at the other end. Continue hitting the ball until it is missed by the computer.

Click Here to Play Curve Ball

94 Bullet Time Reaction

Is it possible to dodge bullets fast enough? You can find out by playing this game. The shooter is placed at different distances. This screenshot should be enough to show you how fast we were…

Click Here to Play Bullet Time Reaction

95 Cursor Thief

Do not let the little thief take your cursor! It’s enough to be agile. Be aware that the little guy may have more tricks up his sleeve.

Click Here to Play Cursor Thief

96 Particles

Can you keep that blue ball safe? Move it around using your mouse and make sure no red balls touch it. Three red balls will be your starting point. As you reach each level, another red ball will be added.

Click Here to Play Particles

97 Dodge Game

Similar to Particles, but you will have to catch the blue square with your blue ball. Each time you catch it, another one will appear.

Click Here to Play Dodge Game

98 Ragdoll Avalanche 2.

Amazing game. You control a doll’s character. You can move around with the arrow keys and avoid falling spikes by using the arrow keys. Ever see “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”? It’s what it feels like.

Click Here to Play Ragdoll Avalanche 2.

RPG Games

99 Zelda Flash Game

Finding an RPG enthusiast who has never played Zelda would be difficult. You can now direct Link through many adventures from your browser. This isn’t the original game, it’s just a clone of it.

Click Here to Play Zelda Flash Game

100 Monster Den

A tactical RPG that focuses on dungeon crawls with a party. You can create a party with up to four heroes of five different character classes. You will then battle into the depths to gain strength and find a powerful treasure.

Click Here to Play Monster Den

 101. Monster Den: Book of Dread  

Monster Den: The expanded edition. Book of Dread offers more classes, new monsters, and items, as well as two new quests. You might like the second one.

Click Here to Play Monster Den: Book of Dread

102. Sonny

You will find beautiful graphics and a rich storyline here. You are a man who has lost his memory and must talk to others and defeat enemies in turn-based battles.

Click Here to Play Sonny

Shoot It Far Games

103 Monkey Kick Off

To make the monkey kick it, click on your mouse. It is important to time it correctly in order for it to go far away. Tip: Wait until it is high in the air before you throw the ball. Reach the Monkey Village at 4,040 monkey meters.

Click Here to Play Monkey Kick Off

104 Kitten Cannonzz

To move the cannon, use the up- and down arrows. Space to fire. You will likely be firing kittens, as you have probably guessed. You should aim to get them to hit explosives. This will increase your score.

Click Here to Play Kitten Cannon

105 Nanaca Crash

Hold your mouse down until you reach the desired angle or power. Then release it. Nanaca will rush to crash into Taichi. Pay attention to the word AERIAL during the game. If it is highlighted in red or green, you can click to contact Nanaca again. This ability can be used three times.

Click Here to Play Nanaca Crash

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Shoot-’em Up Games

106 Snakes on a Plane

Motherfucker, kill all 100 snakes that are on the plane! Although the difficulty isn’t too difficult, it is still a cool idea. You should also check out the ending of the game!

Click Here to Play Snakes On A Plane

107 Deanimator

Based on a horror tale, you can play Dr. Herbert West. You are given a revolver and six bullet chambers. There are also a lot of zombies you need to kill. This is where reload timing is crucial. You can switch between shotguns using the shift key once you have a shotgun.

To play Deanimator, click here

108 Puki: The Swarm

Pukis are cute little creatures. They can be quite mean so it is important to get rid of them. You can use the WASD keys for movement, space to activate your shields, and the mouse to point at the laser gun. Be aware of the overheating effects.

Click Here to Play Puki> The Swarm

109 Kill the Duck Hunt Dog

Do you remember the 1985 Duck Hunt game for Nintendo NES? Ever wanted to shoot the dog, instead of the ducks. You can now!

Click Here to Play Kill The Dog from Duck Hunt

 110. D-fence  

This game is a mix of tower defense and shoot-em-up. You will be attacked by enemy troops in timed rounds. You must shoot them up. You will also earn cash, which you can use to purchase tower guards, auto-defense, barricades, and so forth.

Click Here to Play D-Fence

111. Sift Heads Sniper Game

You will play as a Mafia assassin. Each level will give you one objective and one weapon. Always aim for the head. Always!

Click Here to Play Sift Heads Sniper Game

112. Tactical Assassin

Similar to the previous game except that you only have a limited view and the same gun. A briefing will be given to you before each mission. It will tell you who you need to kill before you start.

Click Here to Play Tactical Assassin

113 The Last Stand

Stop the zombies! You will need to plan your day between finding survivors, weapons and repairing barriers that protect you. Make sure you get the M-40. It’s a great tool.

Click Here to Play The Last Stand

114. The Last Stand 2

You can continue the fun with the second version if you finished the first one too quickly. You will need to get to Union City in 40 Days, blasting all the zombies, and do this again.

Click Here to Play The Last Stand 2

115. Zero

You can lock the target on flying enemies by hitting space and fire. You can score combos and gain more points by completing bosses and routes.

Click Here to Play Zero

116. Boxhead 2Play rooms

All the box-headed zombies are massacred. You’ll find hand grenades, explosive barrels, UZIs, shotguns, and guns in your arsenal.

Click Here to Play Boxhead 2Play Rooms

117. Bubble Tanks 2

It’s a very addictive game. It is not the end once you upgrade your bubble tanks. You will want to continue the journey! You can move your bubble tank using the WASD keys, or use the mouse to aim and fire.

Click Here to Play Bubble Tanks 2

Skill Games

118. Mouse Maze

Move the mouse cursor towards the white square, without touching any of the maze borders or getting hit by obstacles.

Click Here to Play Mouse Maze

119 Tangerine Panic

Imagine this: You’re trapped in a large space and you have no escape. A hole is also in the wall, and huge tangerines are popping up from it like there’s no tomorrow. If possible, avoid them.

Click Here to Play Tangerine Panic

120. Ping Pong

Here, you won’t be playing ping-pong but will try to bounce the ball as often as possible. Depending on the position of the paddle, you can send it forwards or backward.

Click Here to Play Ping Pong

121. The Missile Game 3D

This game allows you to control a missile through a tunnel. You must avoid hitting obstacles. You can use your mouse to navigate through the holes in the structures. You have five lives and there are nine levels. Are you able to make it to the finish?

Click Here to Play The Missile Game 3D

122. The Irritating Game

It is quite a difficult game, to the point that it can be irritating. However, I’m not sure if the correct translation of the name is correct. Two things must be controlled simultaneously: a rolling ball and a bouncer. It is important to work your brain connections.

Click Here to Play The Irritating Games

123. Escaladeby Flash Game

You can move with the arrow keys and jump with space. You have five minutes to climb up the blockhead. It’s a tricky game. Just when you think you’re doing well, you fall back to the start.

Click Here to Play Escaladeby Flash Game

124. Every Second

Do you think that holding the mouse button for 0.2 seconds is enough? How about 0.4 seconds? This game will test your timing skills. Each level has a 0.1 error tolerance.

Click Here to Play Every Second

125. Run Run

You should avoid obstacles. To perform a small jump, use the space key to make a large jump. You must time them carefully.

To play Run, click here

126. Orisinal Dog Game

You’ll need to avoid obstacles in an Orisinal Dog environment, just like in Run Run. You can control four dogs simultaneously in this game. To synchronize jumps, move them forward or backward.

To play Orisinal Dog Game, click here

127. Too Many Ninjas

Use the arrow keys for the movement of your sword and to block the throwing stars and ninjas. Are you able to survive the attack?

Click here to play Too Many Ninjas

128. Sneek

For as long as you can, keep your mouse in the moving box. Be aware of distractions.

Click Here to Play Sneek

129. Winter Bells

Take control of a cute rabbit and jump from one bell to the next. You will get double points if you hit the birds. It is also quite relaxing to listen to the background music.

To play Winter Bells, click here

130. Nex Game

To break the ice wall, click the mouse at just the right moment. You’ll smash your nose against the ice wall if you click too fast or too late. Tip: Break the last wall with a headbutt when you reach it.

To play Nex Game, click here

131. Flash Tron

Have you ever played Snake on a Nokia smartphone? This is a similar game, but it’s more complex. This is where you control a cycle that creates a wall every other time. Your opponent must be outmanaged so you can hit a wall before hers. You have turbos and all.

Flash Tron – Click here

132. The Game of Disorientation

To move your character, use the arrow keys. You must walk until you reach each colored square. Does that sound easy? Wait, your world will start rotating around!

Click Here to Play The Game of Disorientation

133. The Helicopter Game

This game will make your time go by quickly. To make the helicopter fly up, hold the mouse button and then release the button to bring it down. The hardest part is getting to the first 1,000m.

Click Here to Play The Helicopter Game

Sports Games

134. Bumper Ball

What happens when you combine bumper cars and soccer? Bumper Ball! Bumper Ball! A “Golden Goal” time will be given if no goals are scored.

Click Here to Play Bumper Ball

 135. Snowball Fight  

Pick your character’s face and wipe out all others in the room. You can use the arrow keys to move left or right and the mouse to fire the snowballs. The game even had a jingle song!

Click Here to Play Snowball Fight

136. Necrathlon

Grave hurdles Tomb lift. Six-foot dig. Skull put. The Necrathlon! Hilarious game concept. To get a final score, you must compete in each of the four modalities. Be careful not to damage your keyboard

Click Here to Play Necrathlon

137. Penguin Dive

To start the motion press space, then space again to jump (try this before the flag). Next use the arrow keys for rotation and calculation of the entrance. The points are based on three criteria: height, rotation, and dive entry.

To play Penguin Dive, click here

138. Dolphin Olympics 2

Swimming and flipping your dolphin can score you as many points as possible within two minutes. Jumps that are successful increase speed and allow for better tricks. To rotate and spin the dolphin, use all the arrow keys.

Click Here to Play Dolphin Olympics 2

139. Max Dirt Bike

This is a great game in which you must pass many obstacles using your motorcycle. (Have you ever seen trial competitions on television?) To accelerate or brake, use the left and right arrows. The left and right arrows are used to balance your motorcycle.

Click Here to Play Max Dirt Bike

140. Tennis Game

This is the classic tennis game (remember that one for NES?) You can use the arrow keys for movement and the space key to hit the ball. You can also control the direction of your hit with the arrows. The world championship is also available.

Click Here to Play Tennis Game

141. Yeti Sports

This portal contains 14 mini-games. Registration is required, but it’s worth it. Albatroz Overload? Penguin Baseball? They have it all!

Click Here to Play Yeti Sports

Strategy Games

142 Tactical Defense in Invasion

You must defend a nuclear plant because aliens are on the verge of invading Earth. You can do this by purchasing cannons, and telling them what to do. It is also important to make strategic choices about which cannons and upgrades you purchase.

Click Here to Play Invasion Tactical Defense

143. Lemonade Stand

Your lemonade stand will be open for 30 days. What amount of money can you make? You must decide every day how much advertising to spend, what price each glass should be, and how many glasses you want to make. Tip: Make sure to check the weather in the window.

Click Here to Play Lemonade Stand

144. Star Dominion

This is the best Flash strategy game you can play. You can mine resources, build towns, defend systems, research new technologies, and train units to attack enemy bases and seize resources.

Click Here to Play Star Dominion

145. Sea of Fire

You can build buildings from the tiles and then make units. These units will attack the base and soldiers of the enemy. All enemy structures must be destroyed. You can earn money as time passes, but you have the option to increase interest rates by using special financial buildings. Engaging game.

Click Here to Play Sea of Fire

146. Dice Wars

A turn-based strategy game in which you must conquer your opponent’s territories by using your dice. (The total of the attacking and defending dice numbers must equal or exceed the sum. You will get as many dice at the end of each turn as you have territories.

Click Here to Play Dice Wars

Weird Games

147. The Last Guy

Japanese coders can be very creative. You can turn any website into an online game with this game. Your goal is to save other bugs from the field.

Click Here to Play The Last Guy

148. Flow

This game was created for a thesis project and is truly revolutionary. Simply swim with your multi-cellular organism. To grow and evolve, eat other organisms. A red dot in a creature’s name will allow you to progress to 20 levels. Attention to the integration of the intro, gameplay, and credits. It is simply stunning.

Click Here to Play Flow

149. Jelly Jumper

The arrow keys will guide the little guy around. There are 50 levels, so you’ll need to be careful and use the correct keys. Logitech sponsored the game.

To play Jelly Jumper, click here

150. Kill the Popups

You probably have some training if you’ve been using the internet for a while. You must kill the popups before the takeover of the screen. You can also see a crazy adaptation of The Ride of The Valkyries song — you should check it out.

Click Here to Play Kill The Popups

Suggestions from the Readers


You’ll be able to recall Worms with the fun background music and game play. This multiplayer game requires players to fire projectiles at each other. The action is split into turns. Each round will see you have two teams of three players. It’s pretty cool.

Click Here to Play ZWoK!

Ownerage Burst

You can use your mouse to point, shoot, and the WASD keys for moving, ducking, and jumping. All enemies must be killed. You will be impressed by the graphics of this game.

Click Here to Play Ownage Burst

Coign Of Vantage

This 3D puzzle game will help you put your spatial perception in perspective. You have 30 seconds to create as many images as possible from an abstract cloud before the time runs out.

To play Coign of Vantage, click here

Puzzle Farter

Are you able to fart with precision? This game will test your precision! You can control a tiny guy who can fly using his feet by using the arrow keys. There are 50 levels. You must complete each level to get to the exit. They make hilarious sounds.

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