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How To Sign Out of Amazon App From Various Devices

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How To Sign Out of Amazon App 2021 | Best Guide 

Google will receive over 1.8 million queries about the signout process on alone. Because when you’re using the Amazon app and you’re watching Prime TV or browsing the main site using a mobile device, signing out of Amazon isn’t as simple.

What is the reason it’s so difficult in order to sign out of Amazon? First of all, Amazon is trying to simplify the process for customers. It’s a hassle to sign in each time you’re looking to purchase socks, watch a show, or play music! If you’re logged in, everything is only a click or tap away.

The second reason is that it’s Amazon’s desire that you log in since lots of the items are just a tap click away and can earn Amazon money. The additional step of login may give you an opportunity to think before you click, thus preventing your purchase on impulse.

The great thing is that you hold the power within your control. If you are aware of where to find the sign-out location on an Amazon page or app, The entire procedure takes only a few minutes.

How do you sign out of Amazon’s website?

If you’re using a computer, that is that you’re using a desktop or laptop, but not using a tablet or app, e.g. If so, signing out of Amazon is a breeze.

  • Type Amazon into the search bar. After that, click on to open the Amazon App to start it.
  • You can hover over accounts and lists in the upper right corner of the app. From the menu of options, click Sign Out.
  • You will be taken off the app immediately!

How To Sign Out of Amazon App (from an Android Phone)

  • Then, tap on the 3 lines in the top left of the Amazon Shopping App.
  • If you tap on the three lines that are located on the top left of the Amazon App, a list of options will appear. From the list of options, select Settings.

As a side note, in addition to being able to log out of the app and log back in, you can also perform a range of other functions – manage your orders, change the details of your account, and even reach Customer Service.

  • On the Settings screen Tap the “Sign out” button. It’s the last option on the Settings screen.
  • If you press the “sign out” button, you will be asked to confirm that you really want to sign out of the App. To log out, simply click Sign out.
  • Wait until the sign-out is complete…
  • You will be removed from your account on the Amazon App!

How To Sign Out of Amazon App from an iPhone

  • On the top left of the app, tap the three lines.
  • From the menu of options, click Settings.
  • Then, to log out of the Amazon App for iPhone, click “Sign out.” The Sign Out button is the final one on the list.
  • The App will ask you to confirm your identity if you click “Sign out.”To log out of the Amazon App, click Sign out.

How To Sign Out of Amazon App on an iPad

Being able to sign out of Amazon using an iPad is the same as using an Android or iPhone. However, it begins slightly differently.

1. From the main screen Tap “Hello NAME.

2. Then, tap “Sign out.”

Now you are aware, secure yourself and your account by taking a few minutes to sign out of Amazon.

How do I sign out of all devices on Amazon?

Visit Manage Your Content and Devices. Select your device. Choose the device as well as the app, and then select Deregister from the action column.

To remove a device from the Amazon Appstore:

  1. Go to Your Apps and Devices.
  1. Click Your devices.
  1. Click the Actions tab, followed by clicking Deregister device.

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Other methods to sign out of an Amazon account:

It is possible to accomplish the task you wish to accomplish by either making changes to your password or by adding two-step authentication to your account. It will sign you off of any other devices that you might have logged onto using the account you have created with your Amazon Prime account.


Contact the Amazon customer support department to assist in ensuring the security of your account is blocked from any device/location.

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