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January 17, 2022
ups vs usps

UPS VS USPS: Which Shipping Carrier is Better

UPS VS USPS: Do you have an issue with not being able to track your package once it is sent? Do you have to wait hours on the phone just to speak with someone? Does it seem like almost every time you order something on Amazon the package is delivered by UPS? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ll want to read this post on why the USPS is better than UPS.

UPS and USPS differ by one letter. Both are renowned courier services that provide affordable worldwide and domestic shipping options and their own distinct advantages and disadvantages for eCommerce businesses.

The issue of UPS in comparison to. USPS and, in particular, UPS Ground in comparison to. USPS Priority Mail is being debated by a variety of eCommerce companies. Therefore, deciding among UPS or USPS to run your eCommerce business is largely based on the specific needs of your business with regard to its benefits and disadvantages.

Which one is right for your eCommerce company?

USPS is typically a better alternative for smaller packages that weigh less than 13 pounds. While UPS provides better value when shipping heavier, larger packages. USPS is generally quicker, although stricter rules might limit what you are allowed to send with the service, so UPS or a courier such as UPS might be a better choice.

UPS also has an excellent tracking system, making it an excellent option for businesses shipping internationally. Weekend deliveries, on the other hand, should be left to USPS because UPS does not offer a free delivery on Saturdays.

In the end, eCommerce companies must take their time weighing their needs including their budget and delivery schedules, as well as whether they’re shipping to the US or internationally for the purpose of choosing one of UPS or USPS.

Through comparing UPS as well as USPS features and looking closely at UPS and. USPS prices, online retailers can gain an understanding of the way they compare and determine which is the best option for their particular business.

Below is a brief overview of their differences and what two of their most well-known services compare, as well as their rate as well as delivery time information, what they provide, their benefits and disadvantages, and which is the best choice for your eCommerce business.

What is what’s the main difference between UPS as well as USPS?

If you’ve ever wondered whether UPS or USPS can be considered identical and if they’re the same thing, the answer is not. UPS, as well as USPS, are two distinct companies However, they provide identical services in parcel delivery within the US as well as around the world.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) also referred to by The Post Office, is responsible for offering postal services in the United States which includes international and domestic deliveries for packages ranging from small to large.

United Parcel Service (UPS) is a global logistics firm providing parcel delivery services as well as specific logistics solutions for heavy freight. They operate worldwide.

What USPS costs are:

  • Pre-arranged pickups USPS offers free package pickup services which you can book via their website. Pickups will be scheduled according to availability. You can also request a particular time slot in exchange for a fee.
  • Free tracking Every USPS shipping services offer door-to-door tracking with real-time updates every time packages are scannable throughout their journey towards their ultimate destination.
  • The insurance is completely free. Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express packages include the insurance amount of $50 if you buy postage from Post Office or via the USPS website. If you are using shipping software to purchase USPS mail at commercial prices, the insurance goes up from $100 to $110 per box. Notice that different USPS mail services like First Class Package, Media Mail, and Retail Ground are not covered with insurance coverage for free.
  • Discounts on volume: USPS offers cheaper rates for shippers who utilize the software for shipping to access commercial pricing rates or that partner with fulfillment services such as ShipBob which offers discounts because of the high number of shipping (since the fulfillment providers ship packages for thousands of eCommerce brands).

What is included in the UPS cost:

  • Free tracking Tracking is free for all UPS services that offer free door-to-door tracking.
  • Free insurance on anything less than $100: As per the UPS Store Pack and Ship Guarantee UPS will pay the cost of shipping and the contents of the package for up to $100 in the case of a damaged or missing shipment.
  • Commercial discounts: While they’re not publicly available, UPS discounts are available to large-volume shippers on an individual basis and negotiated on a case-by-case basis, or shippers who work with 3PLs to benefit the economies of scale.

USPS in comparison to. UPS costs

UPS is usually higher priced than USPS because of charges and surcharges, particularly in the case of the shipping of smaller packages.

In general, USPS offers much better rates for small packages of less than 2 lbs. However, UPS generally is a superior option when shipping larger and heavier packages, by providing better quality and value.

Prices for 5lb packages

CourierServiceDelivery Time FrameStarting CostUPSUPS Ground6 Days$10.46UPSUPS 3-Day Select5 Days$16.30USPSUSPS Priority Mail 2-Day2 Working Days$26.35USPSUSPS Retail Ground3-7 Working Days$10.60

Which is quicker: USPS or USPS?

UPS along with USPS both provide delivery within an hour, but in the case of, the average number of days to deliver in the case of USPS Priority Mail was just 1.79 days, while UPS Ground clocked in at 2.75 days, which makes USPS the best choice in cases where speed is essential.

The speed of delivery is vital for eCommerce, with USPS typically being the best choice. In addition, USPS has stricter guidelines regarding parcel weight and size, so UPS is usually a better alternative for shipping large packages efficiently and quickly.

Advantages Of UPS For Business Shipping

  • It provides Guaranteed Express Shipping: If you need your package to be delivered quickly UPS is the best option. UPS offers services like next-day delivery or same-day delivery. The guarantee of delivery gives you confidence that your parcels will arrive in time, keeping your clients satisfied and your business running.
  • It’s a reasonable price (At times) for heavy shipments Although the USPS is the most economical shipping option for light items, however, the cost increases significantly for larger shipments. If you’re shipping items that weigh more than 2 pounds, you ought to look into UPS’s shipping charges. It could be able to send your packages quicker (and safely) for a cheaper price. Furthermore, if you send large quantities of packages via UPS You should have the opportunity to take advantage of discounts for bulk orders. You must have evidence of previous deliveries and the discounts are well worth the effort.
  • It offers unbeatable tracking: UPS provides comprehensive tracking services. Customers are able to see exactly where their packages are the moment they arrive to. UPS’s tracking is thorough and will give your customers confidence, and is also beneficial for you! It’s a good thing that UPS will inform you at any moment where your packages are. There’s a good chance that you won’t lose a package when sending it through UPS.

Advantages Of USPS For Business Shipping

There are plenty of things to love with the USPS. What merchants like the most regarding the service

  • It’s the Cheapest option For Small Packages: Online retailers often ask what’s more cost-effective: USPS, UPS, or FedEx? There’s no universal shipping solution for every merchant and every business looking for a low-cost shipping provider should first look into your local post office. The USPS is often the most economical delivery service option for companies that only ship small objects. The USPS is the most cost-effective shipping rate for packages that weigh less than 2 pounds. Additionally, it provides a low cost for packages under 13 ounces. Let me say it simply that if you’re shipping items that weigh less than 13 ounces, you must use USPS. Many merchants also profit from the postal service’s flat-rate shipping options via Priority Mail. For a small fee, you can send goods of any weight across any distance. It just needs to fit into one of the flat-rate USPS boxes. If you’re looking to reduce costs, USPS may be the choice for you.
  • It’s more reliable than in the Past: Although in the past, the USPS was notorious for delays in delivery or missing packages but in recent times, it has drastically improved its reliability as well as on-time delivery rates. There are a few delays, if your primary worry is about lost packages, the fear is not the case anymore. Merchants frequently state that the savings through using USPS are more than enough to cover the small percentage of packages that are lost.
  • It is able to deliver packages to mailboxes and PO Boxes It delivers to PO Boxes and Mailboxes: The USPS holds a monopoly over mailboxes as well as PO boxes. It’s the sole shipping service that doesn’t need to deliver packages on the doorsteps of its customers. In addition, because the USPS frequently delivers throughout the United States it is the best at delivering packages to locations that aren’t easily accessible. If you’re searching for an organization that can allow you to ship your packages in addition to the regular mail delivered by customers, USPS is the only solution.

Disadvantages Of UPS For Business Shipping

Although UPS is a fantastic service in several ways, it’s not completely perfect. There are some areas that you need to compromise if you are shipping using UPS:

  • It’s more expensive: While this may not be the case for every situation the UPS services are expensive in addition, the shipping costs are high. There are many reasons why this is the case and two of the most significant reasons are the surcharges and fees UPS includes in its basic prices. They include fuel surcharges extended area surcharges and many more. Consider these surcharges particularly when shipping internationally because they could be expensive.
  • There’s no free package pickup Service: While the USPS provides scheduled pickups without cost but you’ll be charged an hourly rate in exchange for this service offered by UPS. Although UPS provides an affordable fee for this option (vs FedEx that charges by weight) It’s a pity that UPS does not offer the service for free as the USPS offers.
  • There is no free Saturday delivery: UPS is the only provider on this list to not provide Saturday delivery as part of its standard services. This could slow down your deliveries by as much as two days. In contrast, Saturday delivery is available as a “value-added service.” You’ll need to select one of the certain shipping services and pay extra to receive your parcels on a Saturday.

Disadvantages Of USPS For Business Shipping

Although USPS can be a great option for many uses, it’s far not the best solution. Here are some of the flaws to be aware of:

  • Tracking isn’t great The Tracking System is Not Great: Although USPS has improved its reliability over the last few years, it is still possible for packages to disappear from time to moment. The USPS’s shoddy tracking system doesn’t help problems when deliveries get delayed or are lost. If you want to improve trackability, you’ll need to consider other options for the delivery of packages that are more expensive.
  • Poor customer service: Merchants complain that when packages disappear, it may be difficult to locate them returned and get the refund you’ve requested. A few other complaints about customer service include missing packages and the issue that the system can be difficult to navigate for customers, and lengthy hold time. For the reasonable shipping costs, USPS offers, you’ll have to compromise some of the customer services.

UPS vs USPS: Customer Reviews

In a contest of UPS against FedEx and USPS for speedy delivery times, it was a draw for the majority of customers. For international shipping, consumers prefer UPS due to the fact that shipments arrive faster than anticipated. Although prices are higher for the majority of shipping options offered by UPS and FedEx as compared to USPS Customers report that they would prefer UPS and FedEx because of the customer problems with service at USPS.

Here’s a list of each shipping company’s client reviews:

  • UPS One of the advantages UPS customers are able to mention is that UPS will deliver packages to international destinations faster than they had promised. Customers complain about damaged or lost packages, items, and the damage to their property caused by delivery trucks. But, they praise the fact that UPS will go beyond its means to deliver packages and even makes calls to the customer for assistance in finding an address.
  • USPS: USPS customers favor its prices when compared with other shipping companies. However, complaints about the poor retail store hours as well as lost packages and poor customer service are common. Customers also speak about how nice their personal USPS carriers are.

Bottom Line

When you begin your retail business it is possible that you do not be thinking about fulfillment and shipping. As the lines between eCommerce and retail are blurring, multiple retailers will need to think about how they can improve their shipping options as well. This is the point where shipping companies come into the equation.

When you are comparing FedEx against UPS and USPS be sure to consider the cost and speed of shipping that your small business requires. While USPS is known for its most competitive prices, FedEx and UPS offer faster delivery times, but at more money. In comparing the features of UPS and FedEx, UPS tends to expedite the delivery of international packages than the time they promised.

In the end, USPS is typically the most comprehensive shipping solution for most low-volume companies. There aren’t any monthly obligations and the service is stable, and the retail prices are extremely affordable. But, lower prices and discounts are offered through online services such as, which also allows users to create shipping labels right from your home.

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