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January 27, 2022
how to unhide a post on facebook

How to Unhide a Post on Facebook – Best Guides | 2021

How to Unhide a Post on Facebook Timeline

  • To unhide a post on Facebook, type Activity Log in the search bar
  • Once in your Activity Log, unhide a post on Facebook by clicking the “Logged Actions and Others Activity” link
  • .Locate and click the three vertical dots beside the post
  • Finally, click the “Add to Profile”

Facebook allows you to hide posts that have been created and can be reverted to without having to delete them. This allows you to temporarily remove it from your timeline.

What happens if you need to restore the post to your timeline and unhide it?

Hidden posts can be unhidden on Facebook using a desktop browser or mobile app. This filter is located in your Activity Log in the three-dotted menu on your profile page.

Why unhide a post on Facebook?

Facebook users have almost total control over what content appears on their timeline. This means that you can make posts private or public and hide or unhide content if necessary.

You might unhide a post on Facebook in these situations.

A friend or family member posted something unexpected, embarrassing, offensive, or controversial on your timeline.

Perhaps your initial instinct was to delete the content. However, you realized later that you had acted too quickly. You might be ready to share your thoughts after taking time to reflect.

You didn’t intend to hide the post.

Perhaps you needed to change the caption, save the post as a collection or disable notifications. You may have accidentally clicked the wrong button on the menu and hidden the post.

How to Unhide a post on Facebook Timeline

You can hide posts from your Activity Log in your Timeline by unhiding them.

1. Access your Facebook account.

First, open a browser or a new tab and navigate to Facebook. To log in to the social media website, enter your email address or phone number as well as your password.

2. Find your activity log.

Next, locate your Activity Log.

This page can be found in two ways:

  • The main Facebook menu is located in the upper left corner. It’s shaped like a triangle. Scroll past Facebook Pages, Business Managers, Facebook Groups, Ads Managers, and other menu options. You can click to open the Activity Log located at the bottom of this menu.

Find the Activity Log on Facebook.

  • You can also click the link to access your profile. It is located in the top menu bar, near the middle of the page. Next, click on the Activity Log button in the lower right corner.

Find the Activity Log button on your Facebook page.

3. Look through your hidden posts.

When you access your Activity Log, the default view displays all of your Facebook activity, from comments, likes, shares, etc

You can scan the list filters on the left side to find hidden posts. To see all posts hidden from your account since opening it, click the Hidden From Timeline filter.

Click on the “Hidden from Timeline” button.

Facebook displays hidden content in reverse chronological order on this page.

You can scroll through your entire feed to view all hidden content. To quickly find a specific post, click on the month or year.

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4. Unhide any posts you want.

After you have found the content that you wish to hide, click on the circle with the diagonal line running through it. Clicking on the no symbol will bring up a menu that allows you to allow, hide, or delete the content from your timeline.

To hide the post, select “Allowed in Timeline.”

You may also consider marking the post as spam if you have previously reported it.

Unhiding a post on Facebook is one of the steps.

Return to your Facebook profile once you’ve identified all of the posts you wish to unhide. Scrolling through your page will reveal all of the content that you have revealed as well as any comments or reactions to the original posts.

Depending on your privacy settings, Facebook friends, friends of Facebook, or random users can now see and interact with posts that you haven’t hidden.

In conclusion

I hope that you found this article about how to unhide a Facebook post interesting and useful.

In my next article, I will share more on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other tips and tricks.

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