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January 27, 2022
facebook secret crush

Facebook Secret Crush: Facebook Dating Awesome Feature 2021

Facebook Secret Crush Review 2021

Ever wondered if someone has a crush on you on FB dating app? Well, now you can find out. The Facebook social network just rolled out a new feature to allow people to reveal their secret crushes. Whether you are looking to date your crush or just be creepily curious, Facebook secret crush feature is just what you need.

After you register for Facebook Dating, and you get your profile up and running, you will be able to match people based upon your interests and past events. You can’t choose to have your matches include Facebook friends. Dating won’t match you with people that you know. Essentially, what occurs on Facebook Dating stays in Facebook Dating unless you opt-out.

And that’s where a feature called Secret Crush is introduced. Secret Crush is, in some ways, a more polished version of the concept that gave Tinder its name. Secret Crush doesn’t allow you to swipe left or right, but you’ll still be able to communicate with each other if you like one another.

Facebook Secret Crush

Secret Crush allows you to add people you’re Facebook friends with – or, if you’ve linked your Instagram profile to your Facebook Dating page, those who follow you on Instagram – to a unique “Secret Crush” list. The specific composition of this list is kept private by you, but anytime you add someone who also uses Facebook Dating to the list, that person will receive a notification that someone “has a crush” on them – sort of like letting them know they have a good old-fashioned hidden admirer.

Facebook users won’t be matched with a friend on Facebook by simply listing them as secret crush. This is an attempt to avoid awkward or embarrassing connections. If both friends add each other, they can match with their friends.

If, on the other hand, you add someone to your Secret Crush list who isn’t on Facebook Dating, doesn’t have a Secret Crush list on Facebook Dating, or doesn’t add you to their Secret Crush list, the only person who will ever know is you. You may also only add up to nine individuals, so pick carefully.

Yeah, the fact that it connects to your Instagram account will make things easier – and more fun. With more young adults leaving Facebook every day, it makes sense to include Instagram followers into the mix. This will also increase your chances of finding true love.

You can give Secret Crush a shot if you have the most recent version of Facebook app installed. Then, tap “Get Started” the moment the Facebook Dating card appears on your screen.

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