April 18, 2021
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How To Download Private Instagram Video | 2021 Updated

Are you searching for a way to download private Instagram videos online to your device? In a few easy steps, you can download private videos, photos, and stories from Instagram using our private video downloader app.

The Private Videos are only available to account followers, so you must be a follower of that account to download the video.

The page source of the embedded Instagram video is needed for downloading the video. Our fast servers assist you in quickly obtaining videos in the mp4 format.

How to Download Private Instagram Videos

Our website is compatible with Android, iPhone, and PC. To remove a video from its source, all you needed was a web browser. For uploading high-quality mp4 videos from Instagram, Howtotechies is the most well-known video downloader. Many resources are available on the internet, but the majority of them do not function. As a result, we devised a method for downloading Instagram’s private images.

How to download Private Instagram videos on Your iPhone

You can download private videos on iPhone just as you can on Android or PC. Follow the steps outlined below to import Instagram videos:

1. Launch the Safari web browser – On your iPhone, open the Safari web browser.

2. Open Instagram and log in – Go to your Instagram account and sign up.

3. Look for a downloadable post – Now go to the private Video Post you’d like to download and copy the file.

4. Make a new Link – Copy the link and paste it into the howtotechies input window, then hit generate.

5. Go to the newly generated link – After that, go to the newly created link and select and copy all of the text from the browser.

6. Copy and paste the text – Copy the copied text and paste it into the howtotechies text area above, then click the download button.

7. Find the download link – Look for the download button at the bottom of the page.

8. Press and hold the button – When you tap and hold the download button, the “Download Link File” option appears. simply click on it (if the video starts playing, close the video).

9. Double-click the downloaded file – Open the file you just downloaded and press the blue sharing icon in the bottom left corner.

10. Save to your iPhone’s camera roll – Finally, tap “Download Video” to save it to your iPhone’s camera roll.

Visitors can quickly download private Instagram videos with just one click using this app.

Visitors may use this software to download private Instagram videos using an online private downloader.

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How to download Private Instagram videos on PC or Android

1. Open your Instagram account and log in – Log in to your Instagram account using your browser (Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.).

2. Copy the post’s URL – Now copy the link to the desired video message.

3. Create a new link and open it – Copy the URL above and paste it into the “Generate” box, then “Copy” and open the created link in a new tab.

4. Make a copy of the text – From the browser, pick and copy the entire text.

5. Go to Howtotechies Private Downloader and open it – Copy the copied text and paste it into the text area of howtotechies private Instagram video downloader.

6. Pick “Download” from the drop-down menu – The private video begins downloading automatically on your Android or PC after you press the download button.

Visitors can quickly and easily download private Instagram videos using all the listed method in this writeup

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