May 17, 2021
CMCM find my phone

CMCM Find My Phone: Never Lose Your Smartphone Again

Do you know what CMCM find my phone means? How to use CMCM to track your phone. Don’t worry, In this guide, we will show you how to install CMCM find my phone, and easily track down your phone when you misplace, lose, or theft.

Security Master Find Phone-Locate, Scream and Lock-Security Master Find Phone prevents your Android phones and tablets from theft and being lost.

What is CM security?

The CM Security app comes with a “Find Phone” anti-theft function that essentially helps users to locate their lost phones. It helps to find the phone when it’s missing to get it back. With the CM protection app on your device, you don’t have to worry about losing your device.

If you activate the function on your mobile, you will be able to trace its position on the map, ring it to see where it is (Yell), and locate your phone remotely via CM Security Find Phone Sites (

Before you can monitor your phone on the CM Security Find Phone site, you must have the CM Security app downloaded on your phone, activate it as a “device administrator” and also ensure that the location services are switched on. In addition, you would have signed in to the app using your email account.

So, if you want to track your phone online at, what you need to do is sign in with the same email address you used to sign in to the CM Security app built on the phone you want to track.

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  • Download the protection software from the Google Play Store on your phone: very significant, this is the very first step to take.
  • Start the app and click the ellipse in the top right corner of your app after downloading it onto your device. This allows CM to protect your phone features.
  • Tap “Enable Find Phone
  • Sign up with an active email address to allow CM protection to locate my phone features
  • If you have successfully signed in, check “Settings” > “Security” > “Device Administrators” to ensure that CM security is allowed as a system administrator.
  • The CM Security App needs to be activated as an administrator to execute administrative functions.
  • And also make sure that your location is switched on so that CM security can find the software when your phone is missing.
  • There you go, you can rest and don’t think about missing your cell. If your phone is missing, what you need to do is visit

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