May 17, 2021
I'm Feeling Lucky

How To Use Google’s I’m feeling lucky Search Button

I’m Feeling Lucky

Know These

  • Go to, enter a key phrase or phrase within the search bar, then choose I’m Feeling Lucky.
  • I am Feeling Lucky takes you to the top-ranking page to your search phrase.
  • Exit the search field and hover over I’m Feeling Lucky to see ideas for searches primarily based on your temper.

This text explains find out how to use Google’s I am Feeling Lucky search function to go to the top-ranking page to your search phrase.

Clicking I’m Feeling Lucky is helpful in the event you’re assured that the first result within the search engine is more likely to be precisely the page you wish to discover, nevertheless it’s not so helpful if you understand you are going to be taking a look at lots of websites.

Utilizing the I am Feeling Lucky button can also be a typical method for individuals to level out Google bombs. It provides a component of shock to the joke, nevertheless it solely works if the Google Bomb is the first result.

How ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Works

Usually, you sort in a phrase, press the Google Search button (or press Return or Enter on your keyboard), and Google returns an outcomes page that exhibits several web sites matching your search phrase. The I’m Feeling Lucky button bypasses that search outcomes page and goes on to the first-ranked page for the search phrase you entered. 

Relying on your search question, typically the first result is the very best one, so clicking the I am Feeling Lucky button saves you just a few additional seconds parsing via the checklist of search outcomes. Simply click the button after you enter your search phrase.

I'm Feeling Lucky
I’m Feeling Lucky

How do users get the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button?

Many suppose the button could have been named as a play on the Clint Eastwood line within the film “Soiled Harry.”

“Do you’re feeling lucky, punk? Nicely, do you?”


The I am Feeling Lucky button exhibits up solely on the desktop model of Google. You too can enter it from the tackle bar by typing ‘\’ and press Tab on your keyboard. Sort your search phrase and see what occurs! 

I’m Feeling Something Else: A Nifty Function

Whenever you first pull up the Google search page however before you enter your search phrase, holding your cursor over the I’m Feeling Lucky button makes it spin wildly with different moods. These phrases change randomly. For instance, users could see “I’m Feeling Curious” or “I’m Feeling Doodly.”

Earlier than you enter a search phrase, click this button because it spins and you’ll see what your luck turns to. In the event, you do not just like the random choice you are given — possibly you are not hungry or feeling trendy — transfer the cursor away after which hover over the button once more for a unique choice. It is an enjoyable solution to spend a couple of minutes; you may manage which choice it lands on, so in the event, you’re on the lookout for one thing, in particular, it may well get irritating after some time.

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Utilizing ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ And not using a Search Time period

In the event you hover over the I am Feeling Lucky button and click one of many “I am Feeling…” choices without getting into a search time period, Google takes you to a webpage it thinks you may get pleasure from. In the event you click I’m Feeling Hungry, Google could present you a page with native restaurant choices. In the event you click I’m Feeling Puzzled, you see a page of puzzles. Every selection delivers associated content material, and that content material adjustments ceaselessly.

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