May 17, 2021
See Deleted Reddit Posts

How To See Deleted Reddit Posts – Best Guides | Naija Photo Vibes

Today we’re going to discuss the subject “How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments” because a lot of users have already asked us about it, and in this article we’re going to give you specific details about it.

What is Reddit

Reddit is a popular online message board with over a billion page views each month. Reddit has a lot of information on diverse issues, from filtered to uncensored. If you’re in breaking news, entertainment, TV fan ideas, or a never-ending stream of the cutest animals on the internet, there’s a Reddit group for you.

Has anybody ever worried about showing the deleted reddit threads and comments? Or are you trying to figure out how to access deleted posts and comments? But don’t worry, because we’re going to discuss the subject “How to Read Deleted Reddit Comments and Posts” today. We’re going to give you some thorough details on the subject.

Here are 6 ways to see deleted reddit posts or comments:

  1. Removeddit
  2. Ceddit
  3. Un-Delete Reddit Comments
  4. Resavr
  5. Unreddit
  6. Wayback Machine

1. Removedit

Removeddit is the best way to see deleted reddit posts. All you need to do is replace “reddit” with “removeddit” in the original URL, and a cached version of the website will be loaded.

Here is an example:


What is especially convenient is that messages deleted by moderators will appear in red, while messages removed by users will appear in blue.

Removeddit also has a bookmarklet that you can drag to your bookmarks tab to easily view the missing entries. Whenever you see the deleted article, press the bookmark and the archived edition will be loaded automatically.

2 Cedditsee deleted reddit posts

Just as Removeddit allows you to restore deleted posts and tweets, Ceddit also helps you obtain the same outcomes and the procedure is pretty close to that of Removeddit. It can attempt to recover most of the deleted comments from the list, but it will not be able to completely restore them as certain comments may be disabled before Ceddit can cache them.

  • To use ceddit, go to and pick a post and click on the URL.
  • Delete the “Reddit” term from the URL and substitute it with “Ceddit” as follows:

When done, a new webpage will be accessed and you will be able to search for the missing comments from Reddit.

Un-Delete Reddit Comments

Un-Delete Reddit comments is a Chrome plugin that lets you archive Reddit posts and see deleted reddit posts later. They use Google IndexedDB to hide the Reddit sites in your browser.

While this tool is not useful if you wish to restore lost posts and comments on reddit, this tool can allow you to save or save your favorite Reddit articles later.

This is a Chrome plugin that lets you archive Reddit posts to see them later. It helps you to save all sorts of comments even though they are deleted later. While it won’t allow you to restore deleted comments, it can be a powerful tool if you manually hide any important conversation.

To use the extension, simply open the Reddit post that you want to cache and press the Extension tab. The extension would display the URL below with a large Cache icon.

Click the icon and the website will be cached. You can press the extension button again later to restore the saved page.

To install and use Un-delete Reddit comments extension, follow the following steps:

  1. Tap on this link to visit the Chrome Extensions Shop.
  2. Click the “Add to chrome” button and click the “Add Extension” button on the next popup window.
  3. Once you’ve added a visit to, pick the post you wish to archive or save and press the Un-Delete Reddit Comments icon on the Chrome extension tab.
  4. A wide blue button will appear that says “Cache” which immediately caches the tab on your browser.

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4 Resavr – See deleted reddit posts

Resavr is another nice platform for accessing the deleted comments on Reddit. They just extract and save all deleted comments that are 650 characters or higher.

According to the website, the comments of 650+ characters may have a bit of useful information embedded in them, and retrieving it may allow a lot of people to see that information rather than retrieve all comments. It also allows the website to save a lot of disk space by deleting short comments.

Visit their homepage to view deleted comments on Reddit using Resavr, and you can see all the top comments added to the system recently. You may also check for a comment using the post title by placing it in the search box at the top right corner. They still have a Recent Comments tab that displays all recently removed comments from the site.

Apart from the comments, they also display you the character length info, when the post has been removed with the date and time. You will use this information on blogs such as the Wayback machine to learn more about the message.

5. Unreddit

Unreddit is another Chrome plugin that will help you read deleted Reddit comments and even view deleted Reddit messages. To use this extension, go to the Chrome extension store and type “Unreddit” in the search window. Tap on the first option and click the “Add to Chrome” tab.

In the next popup box, press “Add Extension” and wait until the extension is added. Now go to Reddit and open a message. The extension will immediately recover all deleted comments from that article and present them to you.

Unreddit runs on both the old and the latest iterations on Reddit. The only downside to this addition is that it doesn’t work on the non-English edition of Reddit.

Wayback Machine

If Removeddit fails to return a deleted message, you can still try searching the versions of the archive using the Wayback Machine. Wayback Machine is a website that stores a replica of each website available on this website. They do not have full details, however. If you search for their data and the scale of the data they carry on each website, it’s crazy.

Wayback Machine is a perfect way to find and have fun with old Archived Reddit articles and comments. They still allow a lot of users to get to know more about old content and other interesting Reddit threads.

They archived copies of too many websites on a regular basis. it can also crawl Reddit several times a day and provide a lot of details and indexed Reddit pages on their server.

To view Archived Reddit posts and comments

go to in the Reddit URL search window, which is

When done, you’ll see a big map of years, and below that another big square chart of days and months outlined in blue and green colors.

Click on the year you want to see Stored or archived Reddit info, and then pick Day from the month calendar if you want. A popup will appear telling you to pick the time of the day you wish to see the archived copy of Reddit.

When completed, you will be routed to a copy of the archived Reddit pages on the servers of It is also important to remember that the Wayback machine does not crawl every page or article, but rather they crawl a large chunk of those websites and attempt to save full copies of each page over a period of time.

As you can see in the picture below, I was able to download a cached copy of Reddit on March 31, 2019. Like this, you will get deleted comments or posts from Reddit using a cached copy of these pages.

Wayback Machine also lets you access archived versions of other websites. Only enter the URL of the website or the URL of the page that you want to see in the cached copy and pick the date and time to get the copy.


That’s it on the page, and if you’re looking for more websites, you can also search any of the official Reddit threads on this subject. But the websites mentioned above are common and have the largest amount of cached data for Reddit comments and updates.

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