May 17, 2021

What Is about:blank, and How To Get Rid Of about:blank

What exactly does”about:blank” mean? Is it malware, even a poor Internet connection, and sometimes perhaps a bad connection? How to stop it? An”about:blank” has lots of known reasons for appearing on your screen. Broadly, the blank pages really are no matter concern. Continue reading to secure answers about the most frequent questions about”about:blank” webpages.

If you find”about:blank” on your web browser’s address bar, you are seeing a clear page built to your web browser. It is a common setting on Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google-Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and other browsers.

You’ll find not anything improper with about:blank. Most time, users utilize about:blank as their home page, ensuring that their web browser opens as a plain white screen. If your web browser opens about:blank and also that you also don’t like it, then we will explain to you just how to avoid that from happening.

What Exactly Does about:blank Mean?

This is really just a blank page constructed for your web browser. The”about:” area of this speech tells the browser to automatically reveal internal, built-in web pages. By way of instance, from Chrome, you also are able to type about: preferences into the address bar to open the Preferences page or about: Documents to view Chrome’s document downloads list.

After you type about:blank into the address bar and press Enter, your web browser will automatically load a clear page with nothing about it. This page isn’t on the internet–it has built to a web browser.

What’s about:blank Employed for?

You will wonder why folks desire to utilize a blank page. The theory does seem strange, however, it’s real intentions. The most usual usage is teaching the web browser to automatically open a blank page once started –and sometimes maybe to get a new tab or new window sometimes. Browsers like Chrome and also Firefox want to shoot control whenever you open up their executable document.

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To attain this, all you want to do is move in your browser’s preferences and let it open with”about:blank” as an alternative to the other web page.

Web browsers can also open up the blank about:blank page should they launch and do not understand what else to produce. A browser consistently has to produce some thing, afterall loading, and loading about:blank can be actually really just a method of displaying a blank page.

More Uses

  • Preventing the browser out of opening multiple windows or tabs out of the Last semester
  • regaining solitude upon launching
  • Regulating bandwidth by simply opening a non-internet browser to begin their session
  • Making the homepage blank
  • Regulating procedures within an elderly PC

Common Reasons for about:blank Pages

An”about:blank” page may occur in various ways and for a variety of factors.

The most Frequent causes behind about blank pages comprise:

  • Just click on a download link which opens into another window tab, and also the browser becomes forced to produce a blank page to start the downloading.
  • You mistype a web site, and that means you receive the incorrect page, resulting in security issues or a about:blank page when your browser can’t know what to produce.
  • The browser doesn’t have any clue how to proceed on the basis of the data processed. Discrepancies from HTML, Java, along with other codes may force the browser to open a blank page as it can not process any such thing.

Can It Be a Virus or Malware?

What about:blank page is not spyware or anything serious. But in the event that you should be concerned your personal pc may possibly have malware about it, then we still recommend performing a scan using that your own anti-malware application of preference.

We enjoy Malwarebytes, also we recommend giving your pc a scan with this. The free version will do manual scans and remove malware. The paid Premium version simply adds automatic wallpaper scanning. Malwarebytes supports both Windows PCs and Macs.

How to disable about:blank Pop-ups

Fretting about:blank pages is dependent upon the reason why they get displayed from the very first location. If you’ve made changes to your browser preferences to open blank pages, you only have to return to the browser settings and also then reverse those modifications.

In the event that you see about:blank should you open your web browser, and then you’d rather visit your browser’s New Tab page or some web page, whatever you should do will change your web browser’s home page.

In Google-Chrome, go to Settings Settings. Scroll right all the way down to the”On startup” section and select “Open the New Tab page” or delete about:blank out of the web pages which open on startup and then choose your favorite web page.

about:blank chrome

In Mozilla Firefox, click menu > Alternatives > Home. Select your preferred home page to get new windows and new tabs. Be sure “Blank Page” or “about:blank” is not selected.

about:blank Mozilla

Back in Apple Safari on a Mac, click on Safari > Preferences > General. Under Homepage, remove”about:blank” and input your preferred home page.

Safari about blank

Back in Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser, click > Settings > startup. Select”Open a new tab” or remove about:blank out of the set of pages Edge opens once you first launch it.

about:blank Microsoft edge

From Internet Explorer, you’ll be able to modify this by the Internet Options window. (you mustn’t be using Internet Explorer anymore, naturally. Even Microsoft urges you to leave IE behind. However, it might still be essential for several old small business software and different legacy program.)

Click on the gear-shaped menu and select”Internet Options.” Remove”about:blank” from the home page at the peak of this overall pane. Input the address of your preferred home page.

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