May 17, 2021
Wonder Woman Full Movie

Wonder Woman Full Movie – Netnaija Wonder Woman 1984

Netnaija wonder woman 1984 – Wonder Woman Full Movie

Do you want to download and watch wonder woman full movie? If yes, you are finally in the right place.

We are going to be dropping a website download link for wonder woman full movie. More so the summary of the movie is written below.

Before she became Wonder Woman, she was known as Diana, the Amazon princess, the undefeated warrior. Although she comes to her full potential, she maintains a low profile by performing ancient artifacts and only performs heroic acts. Diana must mobilize her strength, wisdom, and courage against Lord Maxwell and the leopard, a villain with supernatural powers and agility.

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Wonder Woman Full Movie Review

It is a stronger film than its predecessors and more attractive than recent superhero films (which unfortunately is not saying much). Kristen Wigg’s acting and character development (a real highlight of the film), setting and aesthetics (DC did well and looked good in the 1980s), and a fantastic final fight. What does not work are the elements that affect all superhero images: thin writing, uneven tone, and abundant frame (it is difficult to see without rolling your eyes at least twice). The fascinating thing is that the least interesting part of the film is the heroine – the title character; However, Wiig’s more awkward, earthy, cynical character is well suited to the film’s experience.

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