January 23, 2021

Camera Shops in Lagos: New And Used Camera For Sale

Are you looking for where to buy New and used camera? Are you desperately in need of quality Camera shops in Lagos?. Don’t worry in this article will list the best places and sites to buy New and UK used cameras in Lagos.

Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria, making it one of the best places to easily buy camera gadgets. So this article helps you know where to buy New and fairly used camera in Nigeria.

List of Online & Camera Shops in Lagos

Here is the top list of camera shops in Lagos. We took our time to review the top shops with the best user experience.

1. MEGA PLAZA MALL, Nigeria’s

Mega Plaza Mall is a state-of-the-art ultra-modern 5-floor shopping mall with more than 60 shops occupied by tenants, which handles departmental stores, wholesale, electronics retail supplies, and general goods of electronics. A food court with every detail, general electronics, home appliances, office equipment, furniture, toys, phones, sports equipment, telecommunications equipment, crystals and accessories, supermarkets and Chinese, Indian restaurants, and two full-fledged restaurants and clubs.

megaplaza camera shops in lagos

The company provides efficient delivery services using its own delivery vans at the request of all customers inside and outside the state.

Website: megaplaza.ng

2. Jiji.ng

Jiji.ng is the best FREE online camera shop in Nigeria. If you need to buy or sell Photo & amp; Video Cameras in Lagos Jijing is the best scam free online platform design to connect buyers and sellers. Sign up to either buy or sell. You can also create product ads to sell your product faster.

Website: Jiji.ng


Blesseddan is an online camera shop in Lagos Nigeria that sells new and UK-used DSLR cameras, video cameras, audiovisual equipment, lens, and camera accessories in Ikeja. It’s a well-known camera store in Lagos with a 5-star rating from our team(NAIJA PHOTO VIBES). Buying cameras from this store won’t give you any issue.

BlessedDan Camera Shops in Lagos

Also, there’s a guaranty of 1 year on almost every purchase.

For more info: Visit blesseddan.com.ng


Cameratrader.ng is an online platform that connects only camera buyers and sellers together, which is quite similar to that of Jij.ng. Its one of the best we also reviewed. Cameratrader is the best photography online marketplace to easily procure quality cameras.

Website: cameratrader.ng


Our 5th on the list is Dumotech, which is also one of the best camera shops in Lagos. In terms of standard and customer relationship, this store is the best. The store provides efficient quick delivery using its own delivery vans at the request of all customers inside and outside Lagos.

Dumotech Camera Shops in Lagos

Website: dumotech.ng


The list of camera stores above is the best place to purchase a camera gadget from Lagos. These camera stores are listed in no particular order. And also, if you want us to add your store to this list, use the contact form below.

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