May 17, 2021
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Top 10 Free Software Download Sites

Even though software download sites are sometimes dangerous and risky to visit, there is still a need to visit this website. A free antivirus to block any malware in the disguise of a download button is needed. Most time you are redirected to another website or maybe this website opens a new tab without permission.

Before visiting these software download sites, make sure you install an antivirus that can block web attacks and unsafe downloads.

Best Free and Paid Antivirus Software Download Sites


These sites have all the software you need for free. Software download on the internet is not as easy as it sounds. The need for software depends on what you need it for and how to use them. You don’t just search for software just because you knew it exists. We all search for a particular reason, maybe to meet our needs at that point in time.

List Of Free Software Download Sites

1. Cracking Patching

Website Link:

If I am to rank any free software download website, will be the Number One website ever developed. This site has all the advanced software you could ever think of. From Video Editing software to Photo Editing and many more. Crackingpatching offers all the software you need for free. The download comes in zip format. Extract the downloaded setup and follow the installation instruction.

crackingpatching Software Download Sites

How To Extract The Downloaded Setup.

After downloading your software, you will have to use extracting software to unzip the setup files. Use one of this software to EXTRACT the software you download. Click HERE to learn how to use WINRAR.

Best & Free Extracting Software

  1. Winrar
  2. WinZip
  3. 7zip
  4. PeaZip
  5. Zipware


Website Link:

This is a website that has very rich content and a free program. No redirect issue, All program has been organized for easy download. If you have been looking for a website to also download plugins for Photoshop, you are in the right place.


3. FileHippo

Website Link:

Is this website also FREE? Yes, it is. Easy navigation, you don’t need to start searching because all the software has been categorized. You will surely find almost all your desired software here. Remember downloading is free. Let’s begin.

file-hipo Software Download Sites

4. Softpedia

Website Link:

Windows software/Windows device drivers/Video games and tools/Mac Apps/Android Apps (APK) and Linux software all on a single website. Also, remember downloads are free. How cool is that? With the search box provided, you can easily search and download your favorite software for free.

Software Download Sites from softpedia

5. Ninite

Website Link:

Maybe you don’t know about this website before. With this website, you can download your free software. One amazing feature of this website is, You can download your preferred software in bulk. Select the software you would love to download by ticking the box behind the software. Now scroll down a bit and click get GET YOUR NINITE to begin downloading.

Software Download Sites from ninite

6. Softonic

Website Link:

This website has a lot to offer. The website has been developed as far back as 1997 and still relevant. Your Windows software and Mac apps are free for you to download. Try visiting the website to enjoy its riches.

7. ZDNet

Website Link:

ZDNet’s is one of the Web’s largest download sites. All free Windows Software, Mac Apps and Mobile systems. ZDNet’s is the best among the best.

8. FreewareFiles

Website Link:

Freeware Software downloads of over 20000 programs. All downloads are free.

9. FileCluster

Website Link:

Free software downloads for all Windows, Drivers, games and many more. Easy to navigate and free of virus.

10. Google

Website Link:

Google is the number one search engine in the world and the most used search engine. All you need to do is ask and the information shall be given for free. Information is key. Without the information, we get from these search engines. How are we to know this website exists. That is why Google is always there to give you any information you are searching for without charges. All thanks to Google.

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