May 17, 2021
how to Install Portraiture Plugins

How To Install Portraiture Plugins In Photoshop

How To Install Portraiture Plugins In Photoshop.

Hi everyone, I uploaded an article where I taught you how to use portraiture in photoshop. This article contains details of how to install portraiture plugins in Photoshop manually.

First, you need to have the plugin downloaded and then installation follows. I will upload a download link or contact me and I will send you portraiture plugins for free.

Once you have downloaded the plugin to your system,

  • copy it, and open your drive ( C ).
  • From all list of folders open a folder named Program Files and you will see another list of folders.
  • Click Adobe, another subfolder will open. From all listed folders select adobe photoshop.
  • Look carefully because you might have more than 1 version of adobe photoshop installed or even other ADOBE SOFTWARE.
  • Click the version of photoshop you will love to use portraiture with. It`s commonly named Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Photoshop CC, e.t.c. So please look carefully before your click.
  • After clicking you will see a list of folders again, click Plug-Ins from all displayed list.
  • When it opens click Filters
  • Now paste your portraiture by right-clicking your mouse and click paste or press Ctrl+V on your keyboard.

Wow, now you have successively installed portraiture for your photoshop.

Screenshot of Plug-Ins folders is what you see above this article.

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