May 17, 2021
selected boot device failed

How To Fix The selected boot device failed error on Windows

selected boot device failed

Are you trying to boot or install a new operating system to your Laptop, but kept seeing this “The Selected Boot Device Failed. Press (ENTER) to continue” simply follow the steps & guide below to make the laptop boot directly from your USB or CD ROM with an image file.

What’s the reason for this message “The Selected Boot Device Failed?

One of the reasons why this occurs is simply that Secure Boot on the PC has been enabled. the easy fix can be done by simply disabling the Secure boot and turning on the Legacy boot in the Bios configuration settings. This will allow you to boot the Laptop, unless if you haven’t install any operating system already. With the right hard drive selected the system will boot perfectly. Follow the guide below.

Switch on the Laptop, before startup keep tapping F10 to bring up the BIOS SCREEN, on some laptop the F10 key will not work, use F2 or F12

Different Comand Works for Different PC To Enter Bios Setup

    • HP: F10 
    • Dell: F2 or F12
    • ECS: DEL
    • Lenovo: F1
    • ASRock: F2 or DEL
    • Acer: F2 or DEL
    • Toshiba: F2
    • Samsung F2
    • ASUS: F2
    •  Origin PC: F2

Now when the Bios Screen opens, Navigate to configuration and click boot options, scroll down a little and you should see Secure Boot and press ENTER on the keyboard. Change the setting from ENABLE to DISABLE. Now Locate Legacy boot and click or hit enter to enable.

Finally, press F10 to apply all changes.

Reboot the system, and The Selected Boot Device Failed error will not display again.

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