May 17, 2021
write protected SD Card

How To Remove Write SD Card Write protected

Write Protected is one of the issues we encounter with our SD card and Flash Drive. Once your SD card or pen drive is in read-only mode, It means the card is write-protected. You can neither write new information or format the card. Any time you try to format your drive or SD card, you get write protected error pop-up. You won’t be able to format the card or copy files into the disk. This error renders the SD Card useless. You won’t be able to use it on your system.

Method 1:

How To Remove Write-Protected SD Card (Switch )

Check the exterior of the SD card, you should see a switch on its side. This also apply to micro SD card adaptor.

when locked, the card is write protected

Slide it up, away from the lock position.

switch slide to remove write protection

This should remove the write protection. But if it doesn’t, we move to another method.

Method 2

How to format write-protected SD card using cmd

Using cmd command prompt. This is a built-in program on all windows system, entering the correct command will remove the write protection and read-only on USB Drive or SD Card.

How to use cmd to format memory card or pen drive

Press START+R on the keyboard.

cmd command

Type cmd in the provided area and hit ENTER


When the program launch, type diskpart and hit enter

type in your diskpart to removesd card write protected
sd card write protected

Doing this will launch diskpart, press OK when a message pop-up to launch diskpart.

Type list disk and hit ENTER on the keyboard

Type select disk 10 and press ENTER. (Note: In your own system your SD Card might be label with any letter, so look carefully before making selection.

Next step, type attributes disk clear readonly and press ENTER

All done, type exit and press ENTER

with cmd you can successfully remove write protection

Now, you won’t see the error message “the card is write protected”. You can easily format with no stress.

You can also use data recovery and formatting tools like MiniTool Partition Wizard to remove an format the card.

Sometimes, Virus can be the cause of this error. You simply need protection from USB virus. Make sure when you want to insert your card to any computer, the system should have a strong antivirus. KASPERSKY, SMADAV, NORTON, AVAST can keep you from Virus attack.

Maintenance is the key to a lasting material, when you use your card to shoot video or copy files, try not to exhaust the free space. sometimes this might be the cause of this error message.

Watch this for visual explanation

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