May 17, 2021

How To Flip Computer Screen In Windows 10

How do I rotate my computer screen? | How To Flip Computer Screen In Windows 10 

Are you in a situation where your computer screen turns upside down? Maybe you hit the wrong key by mistake and somehow your laptop screen turn upside down. Furthermore, you might not seem to know how to fix this problem. However, there is a simple way on how to flip computer screens in windows 10 to a different mode. This method also applies to windows 8, 7 & 10.

How do you flip the screen on Windows 10?

There are different methods that can be employed on how to flip the computer screen on windows 10. Meanwhile, will discuss the best two methods in this article.

1. Flip Screen with a Keyboard Hotkeys

Learn how how to flip a computer screen with a keyboard. Press CTRL + ALT  + UP ARROW on your keyboard to change laptop screen to Landscape mode.  Pressing CTRL + ALT + DIFFERENT ARROW on the keyboard will change to portrait mode and so on.


More so, you can practically customize this keyboard shut-cuts using Hot Key manager Tool found on Intel graphics control panel on Windows.

In addition, not all PC have Intel graphics settings. But if your system does have, Follow the guides below.

To do that:

Right-click on the desktop and choose Intel Graphics Settings. Now Click Option to open the option and support menu. Click Hot Key Manager at the left-hand side of this menu. Finally, you can customize as you see fit.

2. Flip Screen Using Display Settings Menu

To learn how to flip the computer screen using the Display Menu Settings follow the steps below.

To flip your screen in Windows 10, Right-click on the desktop and select Display settings command. On windows 7 simply choose screen resolution after right-clicking on the desktop

How To Flip Computer Screen (Display settings)

Now you will be taken to the Settings> System>Display Window on windows 10. But on windows 7 you will be taken to the Control Panel> Apperarance>Personlization>Display>Display settings.

Next step, Locate the Orientation tab below Resolution. Click to reveal the dropdown menu and choose your desired screen. Apply and keep changes.

  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Landscape (Flipped)
  • Portrait (Flipped)

How To Flip Computer Screen (Screen Orientation)

If, for some reason, you can’t locate the screen orientation when you open up windows settings. Update your system driver. If your system driver is not up to date. You might not find this option. follow this link to update your driver with Snappy driver installer

How Do You Flip Computer Screen On Windows 10 Using a Search Bar

Here is a simple way to rotate your screen on windows 10. Simply locate the menu below the desktop screen, then type “rotate Screen” in the search bar and click open. You will see the Display Orientation we discuss above.

Note: If you have multiple monitors, ensure you select the appropriate monitor at the top of the display menu. 

Now that you know how to rotate your computer screen, check out our article on How To Activate All Windows With Microsoft Toolkit


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