May 17, 2021
14 inch macbook pro

14 Inch MacBook Pro Specs – Features and Specification

We still hope that Apple will eventually replace the MacBook 13-inch with the launch of the 14 inch MacBook Pro. Although the recent upgrade to existing 13-inch models may delay the release date.

We thought we could see it last month. But now it looks like it will be next year before we get our hands on it.

Apple last year announced the newest 16-inch MacBook Pro with a bigger display, better graphics, larger batteries, new speakers, and microphones. However, the biggest change to be introduced is the fully refreshed keyboard.

The MacBook Pro 16 inch in the body of 13-inch Ultrabook. Perhaps the most requested change came in Apple’s decision to change the Butterfly keyboard. Scissors switches have been introduced to the new features of the upgraded keyboard. This is to bring about a new experience in typing experience.

The new keyboard is known as the Magic Keyboard with wide, shallow, clicker keys and a scissor-switch mechanism designed. This is an improvement, but it is not a new technology. It is based on magic keyboards that have come with iMacs over the years.

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14 Inch MacBook Pro Specs and Features: What to expect

We hope that the 14 Inch MacBook Pro will have larger displays of similar size and thickness than the current 13-inch smaller bezels. Daily use should include full-day battery life, four Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, and a headphone jack.

We’ve heard rumors of several Apple products launching with mini LED displays, so we hope the MacBook Pro will line up whenever the new version launches. If the 14 Inch MacBook Pro gets these displays, we expect a lot smaller bezels than the current ones.

They will be launching in an upcoming version of macOS now known as the macOS 11 Big Sur.

14 Inch MacBook Pro Specs

The reason for the delay

The reason for the delay is that Apple is switching to mini LED displays for their laptops and tablets. There are already rumors that these stunning and more colorful displays will be delayed, which could delay the production of the 14-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple recently announced that its developer-focused event will host a digital version of WWDC in June. While this is often dominated by Apple’s software efforts, we are likely to hear more news on Apple’s upcoming products, including the rumored 12-inch ARM-powered MacBook.

In conclusion, Apple has new plans to integrate its own Apple Silicon into the entire Mac range, The 13-inch MacBook Pro certainly will benefit in this new chip…

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