November 24, 2020
Lightroom APP

Lightroom App – Introduction To Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Lightroom App

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop lightroom App. I am a wedding photographer living and working in Nigeria. I use Lightroom consistently in my wedding photography work, and in this article, I want to introduce you to Lightroom software. Lightroom is an application for editing, balancing, managing and sharing digital photographs. You can purchase or try the free trial version at no cost.

What is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom?

All things considered, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an advanced software to improve photography from shoot to wrap up. Overall, the product works superbly in satisfying most photo editing needs. With modules like Library, Develop, Slideshow, Web, and Print, you can do fundamentally anything you need to your pictures in the program. The Library and Develop modules are the real deal of the program, while the rest are additional features of Lightroom App

Lightroom app

Advantage of Adobe Lightroom App

1. Adobe Lightroom gives you a chance to see all your photos in one spot

If you import all your photos into a solitary Catalog (it is conceivable to have various Catalogs in Lightroom however this is for professional users only) you can see any of your photos using Lightroom’s Library module.

2. Adobe Lightroom App gives room for photo arrangements to suit your needs.

Adobe Lightroom gives room to users who want to arrange pictures in any order they desire. Unlike copying to your system hard drive where you can only save pictures in a single folder.

3. Adobe Lightroom App saves you hard disk space

When you process a Raw document in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, this program intelligently saves the edit in the Lightroom Catalog as a bunch of text documents that occupies almost no room. At the point when you process a Raw document in Photoshop, you need to change it to a 16 bit TIFF or PSD (truly, you can use JPEG, yet different configurations give better picture quality). TIFF and PSD (and even JPEG) documents occupy substantially more room than the generated text file in the Lightroom Catalog.

So, in the end, this App safe you a lot of space rather than consume them. That’s makes it more classic.


I trust this article has given you some great understanding of Adobe Lightroom App and how it encourages you as a professional photographer. We will discuss how yo can import and apply presets in Lightroom in the next article. Until next time, good karma to you and take some great pictures.

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