December 4, 2021

4 Reason You Should Also Try Wedding Videography

K & K wedding videography

Going by the philosophy of life, one thing leads to another. I never knew I would venture into wedding videography and shooting various events. Because I started as an apprentice learning photo editing. The journey so far has not been easy but I can’t help but give thanks to God. Not only do I shoot amazing wedding videos, but I also edit them.

This is another new year, I thought I should share with you some reasons why you should venture into wedding videography:

wedding videography

1. Financial Breakthrough: The sole purpose of starting a business is to maximize profit. Either you start as a rookie or a professional, am sure your number one priority is to make money. Charging your client will not only depend on your ability to shoot good videos. You must have a good customer relationship. Over time the money keeps flowing in. A good product will no doubt market itself. As long as you maintain your quality and relationship, you are on the right track to making money.

2. Fame: As the money keeps coming in, Your reputation begins to grow. As I have said earlier “A GOOD PRODUCT WILL NO DOUBT MARKET ITSELF. When you impress a client, you can be sure to get one or two recommendation from them. That is how your name keeps growing and spreading. Over time photography has given me a reputation in the industry, especially wedding photography and video making. Start today and give your testimony tomorrow.

3. Fun and Entertainment: Years back, I attended wedding ceremonies because I love the fun I get to experience. Back then, I attended as a guest, but now the case is the difference. Am actually getting paid for this. Furthermore, when you love what you do, you will surely derive joy from it.

4. Creativity: Wedding videography gives room for creativity, the more I shoot wedding videography, the more I became creative. One thing I always do when I get a wedding job to shoot is that I always fix two or three days before the wedding. Doing this gives me more room to flex my muscle and shoot creative videos. You can give it a shot, choose a very lovely and romantic venue, discuss what you have in mind with the couple and how you plan to execute all your plan.

There’s no limit to how photography can impact your life. One way or the other, photography has an impact on your life. Look around you and prove me wrong or right.

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