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Audacity Sofware – How To Remove Background Noise

What is Audacity?

Audacity Sofware is advanced software used to remove background noise from Video and Audio files. You can easily filter your audio with this software.

There are many ways by which we record audio perfectly without noise, e.g, the use of Mic. Moreso, one needs to consider the factors that cause noise during recording. Turn off anything like Industrial fan, air condition, etc. Depending on your location, employ the use of a mic. Background noise removal from a video is not easy. But with Audacity, It’s very easy.

Can Audacity Remove background noise?

Yes, Audacity is used to remove noise or sound like a hum, whine, whistle, fan noise, hiss, buzz, I assume you have an idea of what I mean. Which means you should not expect the software to remove a rowdy noise.

I will break it down, for better understanding, even if you are a novice, you will get to benefit from this article.

Background Noise Removal Audacity – Steps

Follow the step and settings bellow to remove background noise from your audio.

Audacity download (Download Link 1) – Audacity

1 – Export or convert the audio to waveform audio (wave). This involves the use of converting software like Movavi, Freemake converter, Total audio converter, any video converter.

2 – Download Audacity setup and install.

3 – Run the program

audacity noise reduction software

4 – Click OK

noise reduction timeline empty

5 – Drag and drop the wav audio into the running program

drag and drop audio to start reduction

6 – Wait for the audio to finish Importing.

audio on timeline ready for noise reduction

7 – Identify the noise by clicking (+) to Zoom in, The keyboard shortcut is (Ctrl+1)

8 – Highlight the noise in the audio, click play to confirm if it’s really the noise you highlight.

9 – Click Effect

sample noise on the timeline

10 – From the drop-down menu Click Noise Reduction

11 – Click get Noise Profile

noise reduction settings

12 – Repeat steps 9 & 10, this time don’t click get noise profile, instead, click OK. The noise will then be removed only from the highlighted area. To remove the noise from all the audio, follow the next steps carefully.

13 – Click anywhere in the area I circled in black, (screenshot below), doing this will select the whole audio.

14 – Now click Effect again, From the drop-down menu, Click Repeat Noise Reduction. These will apply the noise reduction settings to the audio.

The final step, (15), is to Export the final result, click File. Click Export, from the drop-down menu, click export as wav

noise reduction (export location)

Choose the output location for the audio, press save and click OK

exporting noise reduction progress

That’s all.

Note: The screenshot under step 11, I will explain the settings in my next article, because, wrong settings will even damage the audio further.

Now, I am sure you know how to remove background noise from an audio recording

Do you know you can also remove audio from audio online, Find out how?

There is much audio noise removal software you can use to reduce noise from a video or plain audio. I personally, will rank Audacity as one of the best audio noise reduction software ever developed. Big thanks to the Audacity team.

Audacity noise reduction official websites download

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