November 24, 2020
make money with photography

Make Money: How To Create Wealth With Photography

How to make money with photography is no doubt a delight to every photographer in this industry.

But as simple as this basic statement sounds, not all photographers know how to create wealth through photography.

The essence of every business is to maximize profit Photography is a worthwhile vocation we all know that. Creating wealth through photography is different from other profession or businesses.

Many will claim to be a photographer, but not all are professional.
By being versatile and creative, rest assured you can create wealth through photography.

Today people appreciate the work of art, especially photography. This has led to a huge wealth creation in this very interesting and fascinating trade. The reason why you are not making money as a photographer is that you don`t know how.

10 ways to make money as a photographer

1. Advertise Yourself 2. Sell your photos online 3. Start a blog 4. Social Network 5. Sell your photos to Magazine 6. Partake in contest 7. Learn Photo & Video Editing 8. Teach or take an apprentice 9. eBOOK 10. Shoot event.

1. Advertise yourself: The fact that people don`t know what you do for a living is the first reason you are not making money as a photographer. Tell people who you are, what you do, even in your neighborhood let them know what you do for a living. Approach a business or company owner around you; convince them of how you can attract more clients to them with your photography skills.

2. Sell your photo online: Do you even know you can sell your photo online, Trust me you can sell your photo online and get paid.

You can do so by selling them on stock sites.

Stock sites gather pictures from registered members and sell to media, businesses, and companies etc. You will get your little commission each time your picture is sold; it all depends on the quantity of your picture on the sites.

You must register to become a member.

After registration start uploading your nice and stunning picture. Stock site like iStock, ShutterStock and BigStock sell your uploaded photo, you will get a percentage on each picture been sold. Sign up today and start earning.

3. Start a blog: Blog is a good medium by which you can reach out to millions of people, WordPress and has made it easy for everyone to create any type of website you want.

There is a lot of benefit in creating a blog

i. Putting ads on your blog, you get paid each and every time a visitor click on the ads ii. Creating a 3rd party link in one of your article called REFERRALS, Each time a visitor clicks on them you also get a commission. iii. Also, you can advertise yourself and even your own product. You get noticed by millions of people from around the world.

You never know who might contact you.

4. Social Network: Do you lead thousands of followers on your social media, turn your followers into clients. Showcase your work both past and present, let them know your capability, Make all your followers wanting more of you.

5. Sell your photo to a magazine: The number of printed magazine in a various country are countless. Article is been published every day, both on paper and online.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

You can write an application for a job to a magazine`s company. Also, sell trending photos to magazines.

6. Partake in a contest: I don`t have much to say about this particular point. search online and you will get more information. Website like

i. ii. iii. iv.

7. Learn Photo & Video Editing: Photoshop, Fundy, Picasa, Lightroom, DG art gold, Premiere Pro, Edius, Cinema 3D & 4D. If you can use this software perfectly you are self-employed. You can edit and package for clients.

I edit and package 12×24 photobook size for N35,000 printing and binding included.

The money might be small but its worth something. All am trying to say in essence is that you can earn big if you know how to edit

8. Teach or take apprentice: As a professional photographer, taking apprentice is not a new thing. But lots of photographers still work alone, why? because they are not ready to impart their knowledge.

I didn’t just grab a camera and start taking photographs, I learn from someone and in return I paid him.

Teach photography today and start earning too.

9. eBOOK: Another way to make money in photography is by writing a nice topic base on photography. Pick a topic that will have an impact on the reader, i.e what you write must be very detail and easy to understand, Advertise your written work (eBOOK) and sell online, people might even order for a hard copy. \

10. Shoot event: Shooting event is one of the best ways you can make money through photography. WEDDING, BIRTHDAY PARTY, FUNERAL, CONFERENCE, and special events.  You will always see one or more photographers in almost all this events. When you have a name for yourself in this industry, you will be surprised how often you get to shoot events.

The method and manner you used to bill your client are very important.

The first thing to do is to create a cordial relationship with your client. Secondly, honesty and faithfulness are another notable characteristics of wealth creation in photography.  Clients often feel secure and at peace with an honest and trustworthy person.

Lastly, promptness in job delivery, nothing gladden the heart of any clients in a business like a job delivers to him/her on time.

This often restores a solid-based confidence in the heart of such a client.

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